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Manluckerz postpones gig to mid-year because of coronavirus

Popular musician and cultural preservation advocate Luckson “Manluckerz” Makandire Chikutu has postponed top-notch show initially slated for Saturday at Club Svea Uppsala to June because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Manluckerz, leader of Zim-Traditional Unity has now earmarked the never-to-be-missed gig for June 13 and emphasised the importance of raising awareness on how people can protect themselves from getting infected with the virus.

“Don’t forget to wash and splash your hands, we love you, together as one,” he said.

Coronavirus continues to spread with new cases being reported every day in most parts of Europe.

The virus can remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials, which include clothing, like polyester, spandex-like material.

The Zimbabwean cultural exponent who lives in Uppsala recently confirmed he was still safe but raised concern.

“I stay in Uppsala and at the moment we are still safe however, we will wait and see how it goes,” he said.

Turning to the impact of the coronavirus which is also known as COVID-19, Manluckerz said depending on the season he would hold regular shows but now like everyone else things had slowed down.

Zimbabwe confirmed its third Covid-19 infection, the infection has been declared a formidable epidemic disease in terms of the Public Health Act, allowing the Minister of Health and Child Care to make sweeping regulations to control the spread of the disease and to have designated medical officers order the compulsory testing, quarantining, isolation and treatment of anyone who is exposed to an infection or is confirmed as infected..

The new Public Health (Covid-19 Prevention, Containment, and Treatment) Regulations 2020 were gazetted on Monday and are valid until May 20, although they then may be extended a month at a time.

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