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Manluckerz celebrates birthday with release of FlashBack Identity Book


Manluckerz born Luckson Mukandawire who is a Zimbabwean artist and author based in Sweden’s book FlashBack Identity will be released on his birthday on October 6, 2019.

The popular book was first published in Swedish and now the English version will be available through Vulkan Media & Makandire Muzani ZIMFEBI Music.

Both versions are available as E-books and hard copies in several bookshops.

In a promo video ahead of the release date, Manluckerz urged Zimbabweans to embrace their culture and support other young authors.

“I have a book which is due for release on October 6, which happens to be my birthday. I urge Zimbabweans to support the book so that other young authors will be able to write about our culture and history.

“The book also contains Zimbabwean history, its culture and dances as well my biography of Chikutu family,” he said.

The award winning artist reiterated that unity of purpose was the way to move Zimbabwe forward.

With the aim to inspire the upcoming generations and adults, ManLuckerz decided to share with the public through a book, a piece of his history as he persistently and patiently pursued his interest in cultural integration and sharing through music and dance.

The book titled FlashBack Identity describes how music and dance are used and have defined the Zimbabwean society through the ages.

The book has come about to strengthen not only the upcoming generation in Zimbabwe, but also in Sweden and the world at large as it introduces Zimbabwean cultural dances through an autobiography of a man who devoted himself to promoting cultural diversity through music and dance.

By taking the reader through his humble beginnings in Zimbabwe, his penetration into the Swedish music industry, his growth in cultural experience and his career hardships and breakthroughs, ManLuckerz wants to build bridges between diverse cultures through his work.

The author has profound respect for and honors the enriching culture and the heritage that shaped him to be who he is.

The book is inspired by the realization that the upcoming generation must learn about different cultures in order to appreciate the richness of diversity so that they fully understand themselves and others.

The author, wishes that the book will be of use to schools and beyond as it gives young people an appreciation of different cultures and the value of preserving cultural heritage.

About the author

ManLuckerz is a Zimbabwean born and raised in a small flourishing town called Mpandawana in Gutu district, in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. His career as an artist, producer, advisor and musician defines him. He has the zeal and energy to share his creative skills and passion both with the young and old.

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