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Lovezh’s hit “Bhaureni” dominates foreign radio

Lovemore Nerudzo aka Lovezh

By Sowell Chikwari (Entertainment Writer)

SUNGURA musician Lovemore Nerudzo aka Lovezh appears to have strengthened his foothold in the showbiz industry in the Southern Africa region, judging by the airplay his latest track “Bhaureni” commands across various radio stations in Southern Africa.

Now one of the most popular songs on DHT Africa Fm radio, among other foreign radio broadcasting stations, Bhaureni tells the story of a young lady emotionally pleading with her lover (Bhaureni) to marry her.

The track features Shinsoman and is already making waves on social media platforms YouTube and Facebook.

“I am grateful that “Bhaureni” has managed to penetrate regional markets. It solidifies our brand on the local market, thanks to the DHT crew who have continued to support upcoming artists in Zimbabwe and the region,” said Lovezh whose other prominent tracks include I Want to Marry You and Elengina.

DHT is ranked among the top online broadcasting stations in Southern Africa in terms of diversity of content scoring high in sungura, gospel, jiti, Afro-fusion among others. The station broadcasts in various indigenous languages including Shangaani, Shona, Venda, and Ndebele.

The station was established in South Africa in May last year and recently commemorated its first anniversary. One of the station’s flagship shows is the weekly Top 20 presented by DJ Doctor.

DHT radio station which is domiciled in Johannesburg and Durban, has the mandate of uplifting and showcasing Zimbabwean musical talents.

“The idea is to promote upcoming and fledged artistes especially those based outside Zimbabwe, musicians who might not have their products played on Zimbabwe’s local radio stations,” said DJ Doctor.

“We want to tell the African story through music and culture. We want to come to a point where DHT becomes a radio station of choice for all Africans. Many upcoming Zimbabweans artists’ music managed to penetrate the regional market because of DHT and Lovezh is one of those musicians whose music has made a mark in Southern Africa, especially with his latest track Bhaureni,” he added.

The online radio station’s programs are available on its Facebook page, Anchor, and YouTube since the top 20 charts listeners place their votes through social media platforms.

The SA Advertising Research Foundation estimates that online radio remains one of the most forms of media consumed in South Africa.

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