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Local news websites dedicated to covering tourism industry on the rise

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In tourism, the need to tell our own story to showcase natural or human endowments to domestic and international tourists is pertinent and the current influx of news websites dedicated to cover this subject is most welcome.

Recently, Travnesu (pronounced: Travel Nesu) said it will be bringing a comprehensive approach to Tourism reporting in Zimbabwe with the new local news website, launched on 1st October 2021.

The Tourism-focused company will be a top provider of local news, information, and impactful journalism in the sector it serves.

With a team of local staff, Travnesu aims to focus on the stories that matter most to the people of Zimbabwe while providing a full suite of advertising solutions for local businesses.

From breaking news to Travel updates, hotel reviews to human interest features, and the latest business developments and community events, Travnesu said it will provide the news that matters most to the community.

It said it will be continuing to build on the foundation of its existing network of reliable, credible, and timely local news sites.

Leading up to the official launch, Travnesu is in the process of hiring the local Travnesu team, establishing partnerships with local businesses, and gathering news and information to keep the Tourism community informed.

If you have any questions or want to be more involved, contact the team at [email protected]

In other news, ICT guru, Engineer Jacob Mutisi announced that they have developed a website

“Now that Zimbabwe is open for business following the Covid-19 lockdown, this is a great opportunity to create online visibility for Frog and Fern lodge.
Hansole is an organization that has been in the online business for the last eleven years and has created local and international links that allows your products and services to be visible both in Zimbabwe and beyond.

“This will bring more visibility to your lodge. As part of our commitment to online services, we are providing great opportunities for all local businesses in Chimanimani to advertise for free only for the month of October. We are going to go on a full bliss media campaign which includes partnering with radio stations, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA), Hospitality of Zimbabwe (HAZ), and more. This will create a wide range of visibility. More and more conventional customers are getting onboarded to the digital platform and investing in digital marketing is no longer a choice for the hospitality industry, but more of a compulsion. As Zimbabwe’s hospitality industry is embracing digitisation, owners across the country are now joining the digital bandwagon, en masse and Hansole is presenting a great opportunity,” Mutisi said.

For more details about Hansole, please call us on +263716932110 or email us at [email protected]

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