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Livestock sharing borehole water with Shurugwi residents


By Abigail Mzimbawakhe (Midlands Correspondent)

Wards in Shurugwi are facing a critical shortage of water as they are sharing water from the few boreholes with livestock.

Farmers in most wards in Shurugwi are resorting to giving their domestic animals water from the borehole which is affecting most of the boreholes in those areas.

Most of the boreholes are no longer functioning due to the situation in the area as water crisis seasonally affects most of the wards, having an effect on both people and livestock.

The most affected areas are Dorset, Clarans, Damba and Asvoldraii Farm among other areas.

Local opinion leader, Ben Nyathi said that said the situation is ominous, as residents are digging shallow wells since the ward is only left with five boreholes which cannot sustain people and livestock.

“This critical shortage of water will also lead to water borne diseases and death of our livestock. We urgently need more boreholes in the ward. For now, we have five boreholes and one small dam that is drying up.

“We need a dam for our livestock before they die due to the water crises. Our small dam’s carrying capacity has been reduced due to siltation so it is not able to sustain us to the end of the dry season,” he said.

Nyathi further said that communal farmers in his area are appealing to the government and donors to drill more boreholes as they are sharing water sources with animals.

Tongogara Rural District Council Chief Executive Officer, Brian Rufasha, contacted for comment through Councillor Denis Chiborise, admitted that there is shortage of water in Shurugwi District.

“The whole district is facing challenges due to water shortages. Some areas need boreholes, but we cannot drill boreholes in other areas, as the underground water is affected by chemicals. We need funds to drill boreholes as a short-term measure and piped water from dams as a long-term measure,’’ he said

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