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Let’s unite to preserve our culture: Music Manager Archford “Tirimusango Wenje” Guvuriro

Musician Archford "Tirimusango Wenje" Guvuriro

By Marlvin Ngiza

Music Manager, Archford “Tirimusango Wenje” Guvuriro who works with Chief Shumba has challenged Zimbabweans to unite and resist cultural imperialism by western countries.

In an interview with Spiked Online Media, Wenje encouraged people to bring up their children by teaching them the importance of culture.

“In order to preserve our culture, parents and guardians should keep on teaching their children about our way of living as Zimbabweans. Let’s teach our children good moral conduct and decent dressing which gives us dignity as Zimbabweans. We should also encourage them to eat traditional food,” Wenje said.

The gifted music manager said he is preaching unity and culture preservation through music.

“The agenda of our music is to unite people, rebuke any form of misconduct, and above all, teach people, especially youths about our cultural values. For example, we did a song with Slizer titled Munondo which condemns violence and encourages peace and unity which leads to the development of the country’s economy,” added Wenje.

Tirimusango Wenje broke into the music industry in 2011. He said songs such as Chigaba Chehuchi, and ED Pfee had put his musician on the map. Currently, their collaboration with Obert Chari in a single track titled “Uri Testimony” is trending.

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