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KinderCare Zimbabwe launches digital education resource application

Faith Nyamukapa

By Owami Sithole

KinderCare Zimbabwe launched Zimbabwe digital evolution learning workshop embracing quality education in the 21st digital era.

Educational technology help teachers and students in that it provides benefits such as organization, efficiency, collaboration, communication, extra help and virtual experiences.

Kinder Care Zimbabwe launched a digital education resource application called Smart-Kidz Club. In an interview with KinderCare Zimbabwe Executive Director Dr Faith Katsonga Nyamukapa she said Zimbabwe is the Fourth country in Africa after Kenya, Botswana and South Africa launching the digital application.

Dr Nyaukapa who is a multi-award winning entrepreneur, says she has been recognised locally regionally and internationally through her passion for children and women, as part of her philanthropy work.

“Smart Kidz Club application delivers educational early learning environment that nurture children, through the application, children are encouraged to discover, play, grow and get smarter, “said Dr Nyamukapa

She further said that the application also provides pre-reading program such as art program, fitness and movement program, sign language instruction as well as providing children an environment rich in music, science and culture.

“There are opportunities for all children to participate in both structured and instructed group and individual play while ensuring a safe environment with the main component of amusing ,the application is for Early Childhood development and primary level school pupil, we also intend to take it to other grades,”

“We are going to do it in phases, firstly we are going to focus much on the ECD level, second phase grade 1 to grade, 3 and up to grade, we are going to make sure that regardless of geographical location all children access and enjoy quality education both rural , boarder, and urban schools .


“As an organisation we realised that it is of importance for students to take advantage of technology in their learning process, hence in education will only increase for students as technology improves, the advances in technology have impact in every facet of our lives, and education is no exception. In a way we are paving way for the sustainable Development Goal number 4 , which advocated for quality education , and hence education is a fundamental human right , every child must attain education,” said Dr Nyamukapa.

The application guarantees stimulation because of visual and audio hence moving on with 21 century digital age.

“It is simply technological transformation it is no longer hard copy text book,, and also moving away from the chalk board writing by teachers ,this application involve the conversation of school pupils, teachers and parents as well, there are also games which improve intellectual mind skills and learning capacity,”


“It also guarantees motivation through visuals and audio hence there is more engagement of coordination between school pupils and teachers. In a way, we are there to embrace E-learning initiative by the ministry of Primary and secondary,” she noted.

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