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Ken Sharpe and associates, Pokugara Properties face fresh criminal charges

Part of the land at the centre of squabbles at Pokugara Prpperties in Borrowdale

By Anyway Yotamu

Harare businessman Kenneth Raydone Sharpe also known as Ken Sharpe together with Michael Van Blerk, Mandla Marlone Ndebele and Pokugara Properties have been hauled before the Magistrates court facing fresh criminal charges.

The state, led by Zivanai Macharaga of Special Anti-Corruption Unit (SACU) in the Office of the President has summoned the four to answer to Malicious Damage to Property charges as defined in section 140 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9.23 for maliciously demolishing a show house at Pokugara Properties in the leafy suburb of Borrowdale, built by George Katsimberis, their erstwhile joint venture partner.

“During the period extending from January 2018 to October 2018 and at Plot 9 of 21 on consolidated stand number 19559 of 19828 Harare Township Corner Teviotdale and Whitwell Road, Borrowdale, Harare  Pokugara Properties (Private) Limited, Michael Van Blerk, Mandla Marlon Ndebele and Kenneth Raydon Sharpe who is still at large one or more of them, knowing that George Katsimberis is entitled to own, possess or control an property or realizing that there was a real risk or possibility that another person may be so entitled, damaged or destroyed the property intending to cause such damage or destruction or realizing that there’s real risk or possibility that such damage or destruction may result from their act that is to say Pokugara Properties (Private) Limited , Michael John Van Blerk and Mandla Marlone Ndebele or one or more of them destroyed a show house which had been constructed by George Katsimberis for a joint venture between Georgios Katsimberis and Kenneth Sharpe,” Court Summons read.

Alternatively, Pokugara Properties (Pvt) Ltd, Van Blerk and Mandla Ndebele are also being accused of contravening section 136 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9.23 for  misrepresenting facts to City of Harare over the demolition process or procedures.

“During the same period extending from July 2018 to September 2018 at Harare , Pokugara Properties (Pvt) Ltd, Michael John Van Blerk and Mandla Marlone Ndebele one or more of them misrepresented to City of Harare by  failing and or refusing to disclose that a house on plot 9 of 21 on consolidated stand number 19559 of 19828 Harare Township corner Teviotdale and Whitewell Road Borrowdale Harare was built with an approved plan dated 1 March 2017 Plan WX 609 and refused and or failed to advice the complainant Georgios Katsimberis that a show house that he had built on the above mentioned stand was facing demolition or needed representation to stop demolitions before the accused persons started demolishing the house,” Court Summons read.

The house which was demolished was reportedly worth USD$300.000. The accused persons are to appear in Court on the 22nd of October 2020.

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