Chief Justice Luke Malaba

Judicial Service Commission to introduce live streaming of court cases and integrated electronic management system


By Anyway Yotamu

The judiciary will this year introduce live streaming of cases to attract public and national interest as well as the  integrated electronic management system, Chief Justice Luke Malaba said on Monday 13th of January 2020.

In his keynote address to mark the first term of the beginning of the 2020 Legal Year in Harare, Chief Justice Malaba said live broadcasting of cases is vital in promoting transparency and accountability while members of the general public who can not attend court sessions (due to geographic locations) will be able to know what goes on in courts.

He said the live streaming of the 2018 presidential election petition hearing was an eye opener to the judiciary, hence the idea to make this a permanent feature so that members of the public can have an opportunity to learn how courts function in the process of hearing and adjudicating disputes between citizens on the one hand and citizens and the state on the other.

Chief Justice Malaba also said that the commission is intended to introduce an appropriate integrated electronic case management system. The system is intended to harness the benefits of flexibility and automation for the administration of justice at the courts.

“Automation of the process through use of information communication technology has immense capability to foster transparency and improve access to justice delivery system. The system will allow the public to find out the status of court cases through electronic platforms viewable from public kiosks located in the registries of the courts. Those who are not computer illiterate will get assistance from from the court’s IT personnel to access the information they need electronically”, said Chief justice Malaba.

Chief Justice Malaba added, “Everything regarding the procurement of the software has now been completed following a successful first phase of the case management system roll -out which is projected to take twelve months. The process will commence as soon as the loose ends are tied up.”

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