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Jabu’s Homecoming: Zimnat reveals importance of a funeral assurance plan

Zimnat executives and filmmakers at the unveiling of Jabu's Homecoming

Through WhatsApp, Zimnat Life Assurance reveals the importance of investing in a funeral assurance plan through an exhilarating drama titled Jabu’s Homecoming.

Adonis Ncube, who acts as Jabu in the awe-inspiring drama as a Zimbabwean living and working in South Africa, captures the audience’s attention when he suddenly dies without any funeral assurance plan. His unexpected demise leaves his family in quandary. The death opens a can of worms as it suddenly dawns on everyone that his brother who was overseeing his supposed projects back home in Zimbabwe actually squandered the remittances on the pretext of running an enterprising business venture.

“Upon my death, people will discover that I actually had another wife in South Africa in addition to the one I was married to back in Zimbabwe. Despite the flamboyant lifestyle I had in South Africa, my family and acquaintances discover that my brother had squandered the money I intended to run a business from. When it’s time to repatriate me to Zimbabwe, squabbles start among the family and my friends because there will be no money at all. This is a clarion call for people in the diaspora to be on Zimnat’s Homecoming Plan because they have all the solutions to people in a similar predicament like mine in the drama,” Jabu said.

In coming up with this entertaining yet educating drama, Zimnat partnered with the creative filmmaker, Ben Mahaka who mixed the two aspects to make it possible for Zimnat to communicate its message to clients. The drama is enjoying a massive reception across social media, thanks to the expertise of another genius, Tinashe Nyaruwanga, the Chief Executive Officer of Socialme – a company that focuses on digital and creative advertising.

“We are a digital advertising agency providing digital solutions to companies, organisations, and NGOs. We have partnered with Zimnat in this drama that speaks to the importance of having a funeral assurance plan. In our work, we also rope in social media influencers with a huge online following like Glen Dhliwayo, ZimCelebs, and Wellence Mujuru, just to mention a few so that our products reach a wider audience,” Nyaruwanga said.

Workmore Chimweta, the Zimnat Life Managing Director said his company thrives on churning out products with relevance in people’s lives. He said the products and services should easily connect with clients or audiences. To illustrate this, Chimweta said Jabu’s Homecoming is full of creativity.

“The convoluted nature of this story is exciting. Jabu’s homecoming is dramatic. People are immediately hooked to the story as they seek to know what will happen to Jabu who dies suddenly. We immediately tell our clients that Zimnat’s product offer is making a difference in people’s lives. Death happens to anyone and comes with a lot of challenges if not properly planned for. Those left behind by someone need continuity of life. We are saying Zimnat has solutions to such an unexpected reality – death,” Chimweta said.

Nunurai Matiringe, a business executive with Zimnat said his company exists to make people’s lives better.

“Jabu’s Homecoming brings to the fore the fact that whatever brings us together is stronger than that which separates us. The Homecoming package covers policyholders from R500 up to R30 000. Those in South Africa pay a monthly premium of R290 and will get a claim of R30 000. Under the Kwedu Ngekhaya, clients pay a monthly premium of US$23 and will get an insurance claim of US$20 000. To get the claim of US$20 000 in the event of the death of any family member, clients pay a monthly premium of US$39,” Matiringe said.

The Zimnat products are determined to a hard currency and linked to an escalation. The claims are proofed against inflation to ensure clients have trust in Zimnat products.

Tatenda Marongwe, the Zimnat Group Marketing Executive, reiterated the company’s willingness to push the boundaries in its quest to give clients the value for money through churning out products that adequately address the clients’ needs.



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