Irvine’s partner orphanage to celebrate this year’s World Egg Day

Handover of eggs to Kudakwashe Children's Home

By Anyway Yotamu

The country’s leading egg and chicken producer, Irvine’s Zimbabwe celebrated this year’s World Egg Day by donating and sharing breakfast with Kudakwashe Children’s Home in Harare.

To commemorate this year’s World Egg Day the company has donated 3000 eggs and 100kg of chickens to the orphanage which houses 27 children in Stoneridge in Harare South.

World Egg Day was established by the International Egg Commission in Vienna in 1996 to raise awareness on the important nutritional role of the eggs in human life and the day is celebrated on the second Friday of October each year.

In a speech to mark the day at Kudakwashe Children’s Home, Irvine’s Commercial Director Mr. Anele Zunga said, “This is a special day for us as egg producers. The eggs are one of the affordable sources of protein and have been recognized as a protein powerhouse for many years as they contain the highest quality protein naturally available.

Irvine’s staff serving eggs at Kudakwashe Children’s Home

“As we join the rest of the world to celebrate this day, at Irvine’s we recognize that the benefits of eating eggs are far more wide-ranging than protein alone, with eggs offering a healthy and sustainable source of essential nutrients needed for all stages of life. Eggs contain 14 essential nutrients which include vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E, as well as folate, iron, and zinc and also if you need to remember things well and keep your memory sharp you should eat eggs,” he said.

“Why Irvine’s celebrate this day? As the country’s biggest egg producer and annually we produce about 250 million eggs which are about 17 eggs for every Zimbabwean. Therefore, we take this day seriously and as we see the works being done here, we’re very motivated that’s why we have decided on board also as a way of giving back to the communities around us,” said Zunga.

The Orphanage started in 2015 and is home to over a thousand children in the community where they provide free meals daily for them.

Speaking at the same occasion Kudakwashe Children’s Home, Principal Director Mrs. Rachel Ziki said, “In this initiative, I was driven by passion,  passion for children and being a mother of many vulnerable children in my community regardless of their upbringing and I want to thank Irvine’s for remembering us,” she said.

Eggs are one of nature’s highest quality sources of protein, and indeed contain many of the key ingredients for life. The proteins contained within eggs are highly important in the development of the brain and muscles, have a key role to play in disease prevention, and contribute to general well-being.

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