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Inter-Parliament Union supports Africa’s development

By Staff Reporter
The Inter-Parliament Union (IPU) President Gabriela Cuevas Barrons pledged to work closely with Africa as a token of appreciation for the support they gave her in the run-up to IPU presidential elections in 2017.
Addressing the just ended 10th Conference of Speakers of African Assemblies and Senate during the ongoing  Pan-African Parliament’s sitting of permanent committees happening in Midrand, South Africa, Barron said in her attempts as the IPU President she would like to work closely with Africa so as to repay the confidence they put in while she was still campaigning for the throne.
“Africa showed trust in me and voted for me the last time i was here campaigning to be IPU President hence its now time to reward your faith by working with Africa while i attempt to accomplish most of the objectives i set out to perform during my term of office,” she said while also mentioning that Africa has been given an observer status at IPU.
She also said, in her attempt to create regional balance in the permanent committees, she will add five seats in the anti-terrorism committee with those seats being taken by Africa as they are struggling in that area. She said this endeavour will go a long way in creating a peaceful world.
Barron pleaded with Pan African Parliament to walk in the same direction as the IPU as many changes are taking place globally and she gave Climate change and free trade as examples of the changes gripping the world.
However she expressed her disillusionment in the mandates of IPU as called upon Africa to re-strategise as well as reorganise.
“When IPU was formed chief among their objectives was to promote democracy yet its still a challenge 130 years later.Now its time to fight for democracy and not populist totalitarian regimes.This is the moment to renew our dreams and purposes,” said Barron.
She concluded by rallying Africa to stand up against the ills of the continent and the world at large so as to leave the world a better place for the coming generations.
“Which Africa do we want to see and which world do we want to give to our children,” she concluded.

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