PAZ calls for installation of speed limiters on all passenger service vehicles

Install speed limiters on all passenger service vehicles: PAZ


By Tafadzwa George Goliati

It is high time that government makes it mandatory for all passengers service vehicles, lorries and haulage trucks to have speed limiter. This will prevent avoidable accidents that are due to over-speeding and negligence such as the bus accident that recently happened near Odzi River.
Drivers of public service vehicles must be allocated points which are deduct-able upon committing a traffic offence and once the driver has used up the points he should be suspended from driving the passengers service vehicle (PSV)
In addition drivers of  PSVs must get regular-including snap check- breathalyser tests as well as medical examinations.
We are concerned that passengers are being driven by drunk or physically ill drivers. Putting a 100 or more lives in the hands of a drunk or physically ill driver is the kind of stuff that nightmares – that do become real- are made of.
Police must put in place speed traps and must be availed with breathalysers.
ZIMBABWE LET’S SAVE LIVES. The Talmud says, ‘ He that saves a life saves the world entire.’
Tafadzwa Goliati
Passengers Association Of Zimbabwe
Cell:+263 773 239 688,+263 712 334 330

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