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India Pledges 75 000 Covid-19 Vaccine Doses to Zimbabwe

Ambassador of India to Zimbabwe Shri Vijaay Khanduja

By Joyce Mukucha

The Indian Government is processing a donation of 75 000 vaccine doses which are to be given to Zimbabwe.

The Ambassador of India to Zimbabwe Shri Vijaay Khanduja said modalities to bring the 75 000 vaccine doses donated by the Indian Government to Zimbabwe were currently underway.

He said his government was only waiting for approval from the Government of Zimbabwe to process the donation of COVID-19 doses.

Ambassador Khanduja communicated this yesterday while addressing members of the army and police officers at Zimbabwe Defence University in Mazowe where he was presenting the management of COVID-19 in India.

“We have already promised that vaccine will be here shortly. We are just waiting for the regualoty approval from the government of Zimbabwe. We have promised to give a round of 75 000 doses and the of supply can be negotiated. The domestic requirements are such huge and we are ready to provide to all our friendly countries and Zimbabwe is one of them,” he said.

Khanduja also assured the nation procurement of more vaccines to come along the way.

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