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I aspire to embrace African Contemporary Art: Tracy Migeri

Tracy Migeri

By Chimeno Azriel

The Kadoma-born Tracy Migeri aspires to embrace African Contemporary art in order to portray, convey and present her mind through her artworks. The self-taught artist said that her contemporary art is the fusion of culture in the past and the present.

An affiliate of Dzepamvura Mbira Art Centre, Tracy started art at a tender age but became serious in 2021 when her sister encouraged her to carry on with her talent. ” I was born an artist and I was reluctant to pursue it but my sister bought me an art set and encouraged me to pursue my dream,” said Tracy.

Born in a family of four and being the third born, Tracy grew up in Kadoma and when she was doing grade 1, her teacher Mrs. Vambe, noticed her art creativity and began to nurture her talent.

“My drawing talent was noticed by my grade one teacher who began to nurture me step by step,” narrated the artist. With encouragement from her teacher, her parents became very supportive and would buy whatever requirements were requested by her mentor.

“My parents were very supportive and were even buying whatever material needed. Unfortunately, my father is not around to see my passion dreams coming out,” said the 26-year-old artist.

A survivor of child marriage, Tracy narrated how this horrible past has opened her eyes to challenges she faced in her life. Art has helped her through this said episode. She says art provides her a platform to speak freely and provoke her thoughts.

“I almost became a victim of early childhood marriage after my dad passed on but my mother protected me. That issue is still haunting me even to this day,” said Tracy.

” rt has become a place where I can express, speak and find my comfort,” said Tracy who is in her final year at Zimbabwe School of Mines.

Tracy’s artwork advocates for maintaining and preservation of African values. She uses different mediums for her artwork depending on how she wants to express herself. At present, she mostly uses oil paint and canvas, and sometimes beads.

” I use oil paint and canvas and at times I use beads. In all this, I advocate for the preservation of African Values,” said Tracy. “It reminds us (Africans) of where we came from, who we are in the ever-changing world where identity crisis is manifesting.”

Inspired by Bulawayo artists where she is studying to become a Geologist, Tracy once did a painting of Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi where she received numerous calls from prospective customers who were inquiring about her artworks. She also drew works involving “kumusha” and “pamwe” which drew much attention.

Her artworks speak on things that she encounters mostly on a daily basis, especially in the Village. It reminds her of who she is and she challenges young people to embrace their roots in this ever-changing society.

“I encourage young people to embrace their culture and their roots in this ever changing world,” said Tracy who markets her works through various social media platforms and as well as Dzepamvura Mbira Art Centre.

A member of the Zion Christian Church, Tracy attended Sir John Kennedy and Rimuka High 1 Schools for her Primary and Secondary Education. She views art in Zimbabwe as beautiful and diverse. As a budding artist, she looks forward to developing more artwork and her skill set. She also looks forward to learning from other artists and finding the best possible support she can get for her work to reach a wider market.

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