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How to Use Cannabis for muscle recovery


The use of cannabis for the welfare of the human body has been prevalent for centuries across the world. However, its psychoactive abilities have not allowed its pavement to popularity with the masses. Moreover, there are only a few countries in the world that will enable the use of cannabis medically and recreationally. It does not take away the merit of marijuana in benefitting the body. One of the ways it includes is its ability to facilitate muscle recuperation. Besides, it does so with negligible side effects to the body. Hence, this article intends to discuss the relationship between the consumption of cannabis and muscle recovery.

Why the body feels sore after a workout

Even for those who are regular with their exercises and workout schedules, the bodies are still prone to fall prey to soreness. It is because lifting weights, working out, and exercising causes wear and tear of the microscopic fibers of the muscles.




According to the findings of the National Health Service, working out can cause inflammation of the muscles. As a result, the body responds with the onset of the process of repair, which can lead to soreness and stiffness of the muscle tissues.

Treatment by Cannabis

Cannabis consists of 2 compounds mainly, which are those of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). As per a study of Medical Marijuana Inc., the fact that cannabis contains CBD proves to be beneficial for purposes of weightlifters and athletes. The consumption of cannabis helps the body manage a slew of problems that may come along with exercising and lifting weights regularly. These include reduction of pain in the muscles and joints efficiently, inflammation, and helping with the management of sleep patterns.


Lifting of weights, working out regularly, and activities like running can take a toll on the body. They might also cause soreness and injuries now and then. This is where the presence of antioxidants in cannabis can help the body overcome these problems. It provides a way for the body to get rid of toxins from the internal system efficiency and reduces the instance of pain.


Due to high analgesic properties of cannabis strains like Sativa, the athletes and weightlifters can turn to the use of cannabis for getting over the joints and muscle ailments. Besides, you would also be able to protect yourself from contracting any side effects, which are the likely results of the usage of prescription drugs and medicines.

Cannabis is also known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. A study suggests that the availability of CBD in cannabis makes it pivotal in reducing inflammation from the body. It also helps increase mobility amongst the patients and cure the instance of multiple sclerosis effectively due to its ability to heal pain over time. CBD found in cannabis is also neuroprotective and antiemetic amongst others. Thus, the consumption of cannabis comes in handy for patients who intend to find a treatment for their muscle pain and inflammation. This makes it imperative for bodybuilders.


Methods to use Cannabis

The way you consume cannabis is your choice. The effects and functions remain the same. Hence, you might choose a suitable way to bring its use into your life to realize its umpteen benefits for the body. To get rid of your muscle soreness, some of the ways you can increase the uptake of CBD include using cbd oil canada, pastes, and pills. If you tend to use cannabis externally, sprays can be helpful in the treatment of muscle swelling and joint problems. Besides these, you can also utilize cannabis through the medium of tinctures, cookies, gummies, capsules, and coffee.


Thus, the way you want to consume cannabis depends upon your preference. You can either use it topically or ingest it, however make sure to buy cannabis products from a trusted and reputable source, there are many online sites available offering thc delivery. As far as the dosage is concerned, you are free to choose the limit based on your requirements. As per a study, humans can consume high doses of about 1500 mg per day safely. However, it is advisable to take a recommendation from your doctor for the best results.


According to an article, the consumption of cannabis for a human body should not exceed 6 mg for 10 pounds of weight. Hence, you can vary your uptake around this figure, considering your comfortability.

CBD in cannabis, thus, can treat the problem of muscle soreness and injuries without causing the psychoactive effects on the body. It makes cannabis a healthy way of curing the problem. A study also suggests that the medical use of cannabis has negligible aftereffects on the body.



With time, the medical world realizes the benefits of cannabis on the body. One of the most effective ones of these is its ability to treat muscle pain and aches. Hence, it is incumbent upon us to make full use of it judiciously for attaining a healthy lifestyle.

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