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Hon James Chidakwa: one of the jewels of Zimbabwean youths

By Elvis Dzvene

Some Zimbabwean youths are jewels to the nation, the likes of James Chidakwa, Happymore Chidziva, Keith Charumbira, Clifford Hlatywayo, Costa Machingauta and the late Chikadaya among others. They served well under the Presidency of the late Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai and transitioned well to the anointed presidency of Adv. Nelson Chamisa. They are still going strong and still clear on the vision and the visionary.

Hon James Chidakwa comes from Mabvuku where the late great hero Tonderai Ndira hails from. Hon Chidakwa is now the Tonderai Ndira of today, the Steve Biko of today, the Josiah Magama Tongogara of today. He is the charismatic, young and energetic fighter for Zimbabweans human rights.

Cadre James Chidakwa is extremely happy for being nominated on National Youth Organiser post for the MDC Youth wing. And very excited with all the provinces that have nominated President Advocate Nelson Chamisa and made him uncontested on the oncoming Congress in May.

James Chidakwa is an ornament to MDC and the people of Zimbabwe. Honorable Chidakwa’s loyalty to the party is clearly self-evident.  He has gone around the country and listened to cadres that they feel safe if their servant leader holds the National Youth Organiser post.

He has been assigned and deployed by the party at various levels: from being a branch secretary into becoming the Ward Secretary, the Cadre has been risen through the ranks of the party’s structures. His biggest attribute is his appreciation of the grassroots, from where he emerges.

Serving as a District Chairman, in the heart of Mabvuku/Tafara before representing the greater Province of Harare, where from he was appointed as a National House of Assembly Representative.

In 2011 he became Deputy Secretary for Security, Defence and Intelligence then Secretary for Security, Defence and Intelligence in 2012. In 2014 he became Domestic Affairs Secretary and currently is a Member of Parliament for Mabvuku constituency.

Chidakwa has represented the party in the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee as well as the party in Constitution formulation (COPAC).

The Mabvuku/Tafara Legislator has worked within the civil society advancing social and economic rights. To this end he is a certified Social and Economic Justice Ambassador (SEJA).

The Youth Assembly member has represented party in 2013 USA exchange program (which drew only 3 members from the party). And he is a member of the Young African Leadership Initiative.

His emotional words always motivate and give focus to millions of Zimbabweans to soldier on when he reminds them that, “the dream of Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai was to free every Zimbabweans including our suppressors. Yes we can do it because this is our nation. It’s not a family company of anyone but Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans. This is our life. This is our future. This is the future of us the youth and our children, and this is our treasure”.

As such, it requires collective efforts in truth and good faith to make Zimbabwe great once again. He urges people to deal with the current reality and not to beat about the bush because of fear.

The time to rise and stand for our nation is now. The Father of Africa: Nelson Mandela affirms that “we have a limited time to stay on earth hence you must try and use that period for the purpose of transforming your country into what you desire it to be; be it democratic, non- racial or non- sexist country”.

“Let us the young people have a dream like Martin Luther, a dream to see the Zimbabwean economy shining like heaven stars. But this dream can only come to fruition if you and I manage to fight wholeheartedly against lazy and incompetent policy makers, fight corruption, unleash suppression of human and financial rights as well as eliminate greediness. Barack Obama once alluded that “facts, evidence, logic, reasoning, an understanding of science; these are good things. These are qualities you want in people making policies”. And the good fighters can only be chosen on the oncoming congress in May.

“We have to educate young people and remind them that we are the back bone of our country. We are supposed to create a sustainable future for the generations yet to be born. We are the custodians of our own future, as such, we need to stay away from any politics of hate. So if there is any idea which comes from a party member, be it whom, let’s buy that idea if it’s a good idea. Let us take it and implement it for the betterment of our party and country at large”.

Hon James Chidakwa asserts that “young people we are the educated ones, intelligent and perspicacious ones, it is the right time to question the government. We are supposed to challenge the status quo regardless of political affiliation. We should eschew violence and human brutality at all costs. The youth should be keen on playing a role in the growth and flourishing of the country’s socio-economic and political manoeuvres.

He feels young people are fearless, heroic, impetuous, vivacious and self-confident. Young people have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better Zimbabwe. Young people are full of confidence, hope through innovation and imagination, they are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate a positive social change in Zimbabwe.

He hopes the upcoming MDC congress will be a unique chance for young people to unite in solidarity and empathise on real acquaintance on how best to make Zimbabwe great once again.

There is a general feeling that if we can support focused leaders the likes of heroics “General” James Chidakwa and People’s President Advocate Nelson Chamisa our nation will live once again.

James Chidakwa is not only an energetic youthful leader obedient to the people’s choice President Adv. Nelson Chamisa. In fact he is a man of adhered principles who understands the struggle of MDC and the people of Zimbabwe.

It is without a shade of doubt that the bravery of General James Chidakwa, his historical service to the party and a dignified character, are truly specimen qualities of the young leaders the nation desires.

It is time our generation moves with expediency to catch up on lost opportunities and neglected advantages!

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