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Heavy rains destroy homes in Bulilima District

Classroom destroyed by the rains

By Habakkuk Trust

Villagers in Huwana, Bulilima Ward 8 have lost their property and shelter after a lengthy spell of heavy rains that have hit Bulilima District, South West of Zimbabwe.

The heavy downpours that are in some cases accompanied by strong winds are ripple effects of tropical storms that have hit inland Mozambique, Manicaland, and some southern parts of Zimbabwe.

Twelve families living close to Ngwala Dam are living in the open after their homes collapsed due to the heavy rains. More homes situated close to the dam are set to face the same fate as the rains persist. The soil is now over-saturated with water and walls of mud huts tend to absorb moisture resulting in collapse.

Concerns over hygiene and sanitation have been raised as toilets were destroyed in the process. The affected families are in dire need of tents, blankets, and food.

In 2018, the Local Authority built 12 homes for families that had lost their homes to heavy rains in the same area.
Local government officials are in the process of assessing the extent of damage and possible solutions to the crisis.

In December last year, Habakkuk Trust had to abort a training workshop in Huwana as a result of the pounding rainfall.

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