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Gokwe District engages in devolution projects


By Abigail Mzimbawakhe (Midlands Correspondent)

Gokwe District has started engaging in ward-based projects following the devolution funds disbursement by the government to the three local authorities.

Gokwe is looking forward to construct schools and clinics as well as buying equipment needed by the local authority with the funds that they were offered by the government.

Gokwe South received $2, 3 million which it is using to renovate clinics and schools as well as building new infrastructure.

The Chief Executive officer of Gokwe South, Silas Velani said the council is constructing 22 health facilities.

“We are constructing 22 health facilities of which each ward in Gokwe South should have a clinic so that the money can benefit even the marginalized wards,” he said.

Gokwe Town Secretary, Melania Mandeya said that the town is constructing Mapfungautsi Polyclinic, which is expected to be completed next year.

“We are expecting to complete Mapfungautsi Polyclinic next year. The clinic will help a number of people that were going to remote areas to access clinics and we are happy that Gokwe is improving in terms of infrastructure,” she said.

The Gokwe Town Secretary further said that they are almost done with Njelele Water Rehabilitation Project that is 98 percent in terms of progress.

Gokwe North purchased a motorised grader as well as a tipper truck and they are aiming to maintain roads and construct clinics and schools following the devolution funds disbursement.

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