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Gifted musician Mbeu wows fans

Mambo Dhuterere and Mbeu collaborate in an awe-inspiring music video

By Herzel Mushayabasa

Ashton Nyahora, affectionately known as “Mbeu” by his legion of fans is wowing music lovers following the release of his latest video collaboration where he features Mambo Dhuterere in a track titled Ndoringa Imi.


With less than a month since its release, the Ndoringa Imi video has taken the music scene by storm and has over 11 000 likes on YouTube.


In an interview with this publication, the Mhodzi Tribe leader expressed his gratitude to all the music fanatics for receiving the track with love.


“We are very happy with the reception that this song got and we are looking forward to its progress since it has been trending and has maintained the number one spot for the last ten consecutive days, ” said the Afrofusion singer.


To date, Mbeu has released 3 studio albums,  Hatizvimirire,  Hatikendenge, and Mhodzi Diaries 1, and countless singles to his name.


“I believe in cross-pollinating influences and growing each other’s bases and Mambo Dhuterere has been doing well as a brand and it was beneficial for both of us to collaborate in such an encouraging song.


“Ndoringa Imi is a prayerful song where we say we look up to God in everything. Even in these trying times of COVID-19, we still look up to Him, ” added the Mhondi Yenguva hitmaker.


Meanwhile, Mbeu also hinted that he is working on two collaborations and will see when to release them.


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