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FRIDA Committed to Spreading Hope During COVID-19 Pandemic


By Joyce Mukucha

The Young Feminist Fund (FRIDA) is tirelessly working to provide solidarity, opportunities, and resources to different young feminists during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Young feminists are organising in their communities for survival, while also responding to the new challenges the global lockdown has brought for women and trans people’s rights and safety.

In a statement, FRIDA highlighted that this moment demands feminists to show up, explaining that it demands flexibility and  prioritisation of access to resources that are necessary for the most vulnerable to live with dignity.

“Seeing our way through this crisis will require a commitment to solidarity. This crisis has been sharp and abrupt; testing our resilience and in the process, underscoring how critical community care is to our survival.

“While the sheer gravity of our current situation is undeniable, at FRIDA we wholeheartedly believe we deserve to hold space for you. We deserve to hold space for laughter, restoration, healing and celebration of our triumphs amid crisis,” reads the statement.

The movement also stressed that during these trying times, patriarchy does not rest, thus concerted efforts were required to support women who suffer the norms and beliefs of patriarchal societies.

“Our new reality has us enveloped in a constant stream of devastating and anxiety inducing news. In holding this space, we hope that this provides a glimmer of light and respite in these trying times.”

Feminist activists in Nigeria, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lesotho, and Sudan are occupying the frontlines of crisis response during this pandemic.

These women are mobilizing their communities with swift action rooted in justice, equity and self care.

In Serbia, survivors of Domestic Violence have been working to create masks for those who are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 response.

“I got support in this society when I needed it most and now it feels great to give something back,” said one of the survivors.

For Taiwan, the  Digital Minister is using technology for direct grassroots community engagement, in efforts to mitigate the spread of COVI-19. She was appointed as the youngest official in a top Taiwan government position in 2016.

FRIDA reiterated that it was imperative for advocates , supporters and feminists to decolonize from individualism and reconnect with ways of community care.

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