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FreeZim Congress Carries The Hope, Positive Aspirations For Zimbabweans: JM Busha

Joseph Busha

By Tatend Mujeyi

Freezim Congress President Joseph Makamba (JM) Busha said that Zimbabwe will realise better circumstances as he potentially hopes to turn the tables and lead the country come 2023.

The Businessman who emerged fourth in the 2018 election emphasised his respect for the current President but argued for better social good as the 2018 election winner had led to the deplorable state of affairs.

“I have respect for President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the 2018 election incumbent leader but I realise there is a lot of incompetency in his administration. Mthuli Ncube should concede to the fact that he is in the wrong profession and perhaps move to teaching as he is a professor. I believe there are vacancies in our Country’s institutions like the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) among others.”

The President of FreeZim Congress feels that he could help if the country’s President concedes to his call to have the two of them meet.

“I feel that I could help if the President concedes to my call that he should meet me in a one on one encounter as he is dealing with people who also lack knowledge in POLAD and there is no prospect Zimbabwe can be improved through these meetings. I respect him as a comrade with whom I share common liberation credentials.”

The Murehwa-born war collaborator, farmer businessman and politician said that there was need for Government and development partners to concede to the “Zimbabwean Government’s incompetency” and draft improved strategies.

“The economy has collapsed and it is unfortunate that the current Government does not have a clue as to what they should be doing. There is need for partners to realise that the economy is now deplorable and restructure ways that could improve the economic conditions of Zimbabwe.”

In relation to the new currency, the maverick politician who is also one of the country’s biggest donors to the country’s athletics through his social corporate responsibility flagship JMBUSHA 54 Races, said the move only showed desperation on the part of those running the country.

“The introduction of the new currency or the new notes only shows desperation. There is need for Government to realise that the problems are deep rooted yet the authorities continue to bring in irrelevant solutions. We can only find money on the streets when the banks are available and these cash adjustments will only bring minor changes. This has only exposed their incompetence,” The FreeZim Congress President said.

He said the poor health delivery was causing headaches as the situation was becoming deplorable and exposing citizens to potential outbreaks and epidemics.

“We deserve a better government. The fact that the Government fails to deliver efficient health structures implies to their incapability’s. The fact that they fail to pay enough money for doctor’s salaries is a clear sign of the deteriorating conditions,” the FreeZim Congress President said.

The businessman also called for the imminent need of a new industry and industrial strategy as the current structures were outdated and had fallen victim to the ‘lost decades’ of economic decay.

“Mnangagwa adopted incompetency from Mugabe and him taking over has only implied that incompetent governance continues. The Industry, over the years, has deteriorated. There is need for a new industry that is complemented with a competent Industrial strategy,” Busha added.

The Businessman, Farmer and Philanthropist emphasised the need for government’s acknowledgement of its incompetency . He called for strategies towards a better Zimbabwe which he was willing to deliver if elected President of the country by 2023.

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