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FORUS Party hits ground running with nationwide campaign trail

Manyara Irene Muyenziwa, with a yellow top and black trousers, welcomes supporters on one of the campaign trails

The Freedom Of Rights Under Sovereign (FORUS) Party is sending seismic waves across the political spectrum with a massive campaign trail that has seen it interacting with grassroots in Chegutu, Kadoma, Kwekwe, Gweru, and Bulawayo.

The party’s primary focus is anchored on the revival of the country’s comatose economy, with a focus on people-centred grassroots-led, self-help projects spearheaded by the FORUS President, Manyara Irene Muyenziwa, a hands-on woman with amazing business acumen.

Muyenziwa hammers on the need for citizens to unite in their diversity, working with one mind to pool the country’s vast natural resources and inject the proceeds into the national coffers for everyone’s benefit instead of concentrating wealth into the hands of a few elites.

“Zimbabwe is a sleeping giant waiting to awaken on the economic and social front with a massive ferocity. As FORUS, we will arm our citizens with business ventures and humanitarian work. We have already hit the ground running with poultry, horticulture, and irrigation facilities in Seke and wish to cascade the same across all the provinces.

“As a new party, we are trying to come with new resolutions, new ideas, new ways of looking at things.

“We are trying to emancipate ourselves, amongst ourselves. We never thought we could get to this point whereby a black man is enslaving another black man in an indirect way and that is what FORUS is for.

“We are going to bring the proper true democracy that will emancipate all Zimbabweans so that they can reach out for the stars so that they can understand that it is doable.

“Our aim is to see a free and open society where there is a balance on the basic fundamental human rights where there is a guarantee that no one will be enslaved by poverty, corruption, or violence,” she said.

FORUS is an inclusive liberal party with a transformational, social and economic agenda that promotes equal opportunities and a fair distribution of income in a transparent manner. The party pledges to create more opportunities around the wealth of the nation, developing a proper economic transformation agenda that should rebuild the nation to pursue national interest.

It aims to see a free and open society where there is a balance on the basic fundamental human rights guaranteeing that no one will be enslaved by poverty, corruption, or violence. The party values peace, prosperity, and the citizens’ diversity on the understanding that their role is to nurture citizens to meaningfully contribute towards nation-building.

“We pledge to fulfill democratic values that the others have failed to fulfill and attain. The main objective of FORUS is to promote and effectively advance harmony amongst all classes of citizens in this country paying little attention to ethnicity, race, color, faith, status, disability, gender preference, and the status of occupation in the public arena or political affiliation.

“FORUS aims to ensure that the nation maintains cordial ties with all countries that regard our power and trustworthiness as a nation to promote the goals that reinforce the economic engagements of African nations, the Commonwealth and the United Nations, searching for development of friendships with all ideological parties in Africa and other countries who share the party’s liberal and majority belief in the rule of law. Our aim is to develop good territorial relations and maintain relations to advance and uphold the values of democracy and the rule of law in Africa and the international arena,” Muyenziwa told masses at one of the FORUS Party “meet-the-people tours” in Kwekwe..

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