Family disowns member with albinism

Kudzi and her child

By Desire Tshuma 

Family Members from Chitungwiza rejected their orphan female relative born with albinism after the death of her parents.

Kudzi Jesca Zvikwature was born in Harare. Her parents died when she was at a very tender age and her relatives did not want to keep her due to her albinism condition.

As a result, Kudzi was forced to go and seek accommodation with unknown people. She stayed with different strangers in different places in Harare for a long time until she was an adult.

”I did not go to school since I had no one to take me in. I did not know my parents as they died when I was very young. I only know my grandfather who stays in Chitungwiza where I grew up to the age of around nine years though I’m not actually sure of my age. I remember my grandfather telling me that I am not of his family members. I then moved to stay with a certain family whose member was my childhood friend,” narrated Kudzi.

Kudzi grew up being looked after by strangers until she reached eighteen years of age. She was then advised by her friends to look for a job as a maid. She approached a job seeking agent who then assisted her to get a job.

”I got a job at Mrs. Mawere’s who stays in Avenues flats. Mrs. Mawere and Mr. Mawere are now my parents. People do not want to employ people with albinism but they accepted me as my job-seeking agent explained to them my fate,” said Kudzi.

The Mawere family then took her to Chegutu where they own some properties where she is living currently as other family members.

”I was touched by the situation in which Kudzi was in. I took her to my house, not as a maid but to stay with her as my daughter. When I took her in, she wasn’t aware that she was pregnant only to notice that when she developed labour pain,” said Mrs Mawere.

”I took her to the clinic where she gave birth to a lovely girl after a long time in labour. I bought all the clothing preparation for the child. After a month I managed to trace his family and I got hold of them in Chitungwiza.

“I drove with her to Chitungwiza to meet his grandfather and I spoke to him but he again rejected her and I took her back to my house and I will stay with her forever,” said Mrs. Mawere.

However, due to the prevailing economic hardships, the Mawere family is also asking for those who can also assist Kudzi with other needs to come on board.

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