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The good Son

There will be entertainment galore from 11th to 17th of October 2021 with the following being headline acts:

The Good Son

Pankhudi fires the woman from her job. Later, the woman comes back to Sanjeevni Sadan and applies ‘haldi’ on Pankhudi during her ‘haldi ceremony’. Vedant gets worried when he sees the woman unconscious in the kitchen and immediately takes her to the hospital. Teja exposes Niyati in front of Vedant’s family. Niyati tries to prove to the family members that she is Purva.

These Streets

Shantanu causes trouble at Redoy’s and Asmita’s wedding. Nivedita adds sleeping pills to Redoy’s milk to prevent them from consummating their marriage. Beauty wants in on the living arrangements of the Mazumdar mansion. Redoy walks in on Shan and Asmita having a moment. Shantanu stands up for himself when Ravindra asks him to leave the house. In a semi-conscious state, Asmita tells Shantanu that she loves him. Ridoy is enraged with her conduct and feels cheated.

Jodha & Akbar

Nadira’s father is very sick but she doesn’t have money to pay a doctor. Salim visits brothels but is not able to forget Anarkali. Danial has fallen in love with Manbai but before he can get a chance to tell her Akbar publicly proposes Salim’s match with Manbai. Salim is engaged to Manbai and the celebrations begin. Jodha tells Moti that she is perturbed that Anarkali has something to do with Salim. Salim is sad because Anarkali refuses to forgive him. Qutub tells him it is obvious she needs some time.

This is Fate

Rakhi genuinely loves her daughter-in-law and is excited that this is Preeta’s first Karvas Chauth. Mahira witnesses a heart-to-heart conversation between Rakhi and Preeta. The Aurora’s figure out who made the sweets with poison.Preeta and Shristi want to expose Ramona to her best friend Rakhi. Rakhi keeps giving Mahira false hope about being Karan’s wife.

Weekend Programming:


The thakur’s put a bounty on Komal, little did they know that Komal was one step ahead of them. Mithilesh’s life hangs in the balance as Poonam has to decide between saving him or Bindiya’s baby. Who will Poonam choose to save?


Money Merchants

The team are overwhelmed by new business ventures. Will there be a positive ending ahead?





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