Employee motivation key to business survival

Kudzanai vere
By Lovemore Chazingwa (Business Correspondent)
Faced with a employee base in a volatile but potential filled economy, business minds are invited to explore ways to keep themselves and their employees motivated to deliver and reap the dividends.
A workshop hosted by business membership group Premium Business Network International (PBNI) is tomorrow geared to unravel those issues that some employers are nagging with yet there is a lot of strategy both within and without the organisation that can be tapped into, to positively motivate both sides.
The trichotomy among business entity, employer and employee cannot be left to develop any weak link, hence the workshop is coming at an opportune time.
The conference will run under headline the topic ‘Ways of motivating yourself and employees under the current harsh economic environment to stay afloat’. This half-morning symposium will be hosted at the trendy Odyssey Restaurant and Lodges in Kadoma from 9am to 12 noon.

Guest speaker Peter Machakwa also known as Mr. Low in business corridors is ready to take business owners through those strategies with the articulate dissection that they deserve.

“Business is a bit difficult these days but you still need to keep the zeal and motivation, yourself and employees. Let’s come and chart the best way forward together this coming Friday (tomorrow) at Odyssey , Kadoma,” said Mr. Low in a communique inviting business to the event.

Mr Chakawa is an entrepreneur, employer, businessman and motivational speaker. He is an active member of the business community to the extent of assisting those who may want to start their own ventures especially with tailor-made ideas to nature, grow and sustain a business venture.
The man is premised on practical hands-on philosophy and a success story in goat-farming, dog breeding, clothing and electrical retailing. PBNI is on a crusade holding workshops across the country to rope in business into the world of ethical and clean business practice at the same time networking
suppliers and clients into a web that makes ease and cost of doing business a reality. The organisation is under the reigns of another astute businessman Mr. Kudzanai Vere.
The membership based organisation has a vision to make the world network from start ups to the top echelons of business. It invites expert speakers from various fields to share and network with participants at the workshops. On a more community responsibility note, these workshops are free of charge for the participants but the value gained from them are priceless for any serious minded business person.

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