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Edwin Msipa releases a humorous novel

Edwin Msipa

By Chimeno Azriel

The decorated poet and writer Edwin Msipa has done it again after he released the much-awaited and humorous novel ‘JENAGURU – MOONLIGHT DANCES’. The exciting novel is a poetic story that mixes poems and the book is about a young boy who travelled to a rural area for the first time.

The 96 pages novel was published by Essential Books Publishing Company, narrates how the boy (Jabu) left Mbare Musika to Chihota and the narrator makes the reader laugh and want to read more and enjoy the experience.

Jabu is caught up with the exciting adventure whereupon his completed journey, the boy is full of rich information and is ready to retell and recount his experience in the rural setup.

“It is a rural life meets town life affair as Jabu meets friends who take him to some night vigils, games, dip tank, and cattle herding experience,” said Msipa.

Those who have been to the rural areas as young children would fondly recall memories of the past. “As a result, to those who have not been to the rural areas, it is an eye-opener for them to add to these experiences via Jabu’s experiences,” said Msipa who has also penned children’s short storybooks.

According to Msipa, the book was written in order to fit all the generations and is in a bid to open people’s minds that there is more to life in the rural areas than in the cities.

“The novel appeals to everyone for it evokes their memories of childhood experiences,” said Msipa who is also a freelance journalist.

Born 47 years ago, Msipa said he and his friend Chenjerai Mhondera started the BLACK MAMPARA MOVEMENT where they would write funny poetry.

“My friend and I started the Mampara Movement where we would write funny poetry and it trended well,” said Msipa. From the movement, they wrote “The Funny Poetry Party” and it is still trading as “Englishona: A funny poetry party – our daily dose.”

Edwin Msipa popularly known as Black Mampara in the writing circles has been writing since 2011 and has written many articles and novels but his recent release has proved that the writer is maturing like wine.

He has written many Shona Poems which included ‘ BHUKU’. He also co-authored a poetry anthology ‘MAFURO MANYORO’ ( 2014) which he wrote with Admire Gomo and Shadreck Matindike. The ever humorous Mampara also wrote and published an English Novel ‘ BROKEN CHALK’ (2017) which was well received.

Mampara who has a good command of indigenous language (Shona) has been writing poems, books that have humor in order to catch the eyes of the young and older generations whilst at the same time bringing to life folktales and some of them the Tsuro naGudo tales.

Msipa said the book is a must-have copy as it revolves in a way such that one would always remember the past. He posed some questions, Have you ever boarded a chicken bus?, Have you ever herded cattle and once had a chance with the cattle at the dip tank?

He said readers should have a chance to read Jenaguru-Moonlight Dances. Msipa is currently working on another hot Shona piece which is set to hit the bookshelves soon.

The book is available at Bells Florist Bookshop and will be at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Bookshop from the 24th of September. The launch of the book is expected to be on the 8th of October.

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