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Ecosure continuously re-imagining service delivery for sustainable development

Ecosure award winners and executives

From its inception in 2014, Ecosure is continuously innovating as part of its drive towards re-imagining service delivery for sustainable development.

Speaking during the Ecosure awards ceremony held to honour outstanding funeral service providers (FSPs) at the Celebration Centre in Harare today, Mr Godwin Mashiri, the Head of Cassava Fintech International‚Äôs Mobile Insurance Business who is Ecosure’s Chief Life Officer praised the FSPs for going the extra mile to provide comfort and excellent services to clients even during the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I would like to give my utmost appreciation to 36 funeral service providers here gathered for this auspicious event where our sector regulator, the Insurance and Pension Commission (IPEC) is present and has blessed the proceedings. I would like to thank all the various stakeholders who are working tirelessly to make sure that Ecosure retains its relevance on the market and especially among our esteemed clients,” Mr Mashiri said.

As part of its re-imagination journey, Ecosure was formed in 2014 initially as a micro-insurance product. Under this, every individual with a mobile phone would join the service under the mobile device. As time went by, the company launched Sisonke/Tiritose to accommodate the policyholder and their families and relatives.

Beyond that and through its innovative drive, Ecosure devised a strategy to reach out to communities and formed burial societies. To widen its scope even further, the company introduced comprehensive products like the Ecosure Rescue Services, the Hospital Cash Back and the Ecosure Wellness service.

“As Ecosure, we have an ecosystem to provide assistance in times of need. Today during this glamorous awards ceremony, we are celebrating what we re-imagined in 2014. Initially, we entered the market for the provision of decent burial to our clients but today we are celebrating the achievement of the ecosystem we built in partnership with stakeholders here present.

“Our major disruption was COVID-19. We are no longer doing things the same way and have adopted the new normal. Our partners assisted Ecosure to survive COVID-19. We are working together to make sure that Ecosure grows bigger and better,” the insurance guru added.

He encouraged FSPs to continue working hard and aim to provide their services beyond the Zimbabwean borders.

Mr Mashiri said there is an opportunity to explore West Africa and revealed that Hollard Life Assurance has partnered with a pan-African fintech company, Cassava Fintech, and Vodafone to launch a micro-insurance product providing funeral and disability cover to the underserved in Ghana – a country with a population of 27 million people.

He emphasised the fact that the management of claims, fraud, and liquidity is easier if claims come through funeral service providers.

The winner under the Most Submitted Claims was Knight Funeral with Farly Funeral as the runner-up. The winners were recognised for bringing the highest submitted, legitimate, and properly vetted claims.

FSG was the winner under the Best Office ambience for providing the best atmosphere, hygiene, etiquette and branding. Doves were the runner-ups under this category. Kings and Queens swooped the Long Service award and Zonyik were the runner-ups.

The Best New Comer was First Mutual that demonstrated high-quality service, high turnaround time, excellent products and office proximity. Citizens were the runner-ups. The Best Service Providers winners were Doves with Good Hands as runner-ups.

Mr George Nyashanu, the Econet Insurance and Life Board Member said today’s event was a dream come true to the Cassava family.

“As Cassava, we had a dream. The dream is coming true. We say Ebenezar – we have come thus far. God is faithful. A longer journey is starting today. To FSPs and all stakeholders here present, be ready for an exhilarating journey,” Mr. Nyashanu said.

The winners walked away with 10 disposable suits, 10 reflectors, 10 T-shirts, 10 caps, 20 Ecosure masks and a gazebo. Runner-ups got 5 disposable suits, 10 reflectors, 10 T-shirts, 10 caps and 20 Ecosure masks.

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