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Ecocash new innovation: Micro Services for customer convenience


EcoCash through the Cassava Smartech, an innovative and technology company, have joined the world class way of doing business with its all new micro services.

The micro services allow for better interaction with customer base of over 9 million subscribers on-the-go thereby decongesting their call centre.

Long queues, hours of waiting and disappointments will now be a thing of the past with EcoCash as customers make use of the Do It Yourself (DIY), micro services which include easy to follow steps:

  1. EcoCash Registration on your mobile by simply dialling *151# and you will be asked to confirm your ID when you press 1 and 2 to cancel
  2. DIY Self-care

This is the must-go to services as it allows customers through dialling *150#. More often than not customers would send money to the wrong person but now there is no need to panic or visit the Econet Shop. The *150# allows customers to a) self initiate reversal of the transaction b) set the EcoCash PIN, c) Allows you to search for any biller merchant  and biller code d) allows you to view the tariff schedule for any transaction

  1. Self Service Portal this is where you get to register or EcoCash as well as view and edit your profile. You are also able to check your account balance or reverse transaction or alternatively reset the PIN. And what’s more is that the web self service portal customers can download EcoCash statement thus managing your financials.

Presenting the new ‘sweet’ EcoCash Micro Services, Natalie Jabangwe, the  EcoCash CEO, described it as new way to do business.

“This means that EcoCash has joined other renowned companies in delivering best business practices such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Netflix where customers don’t necessarily have to visit the shop.

“We’re saying do it yourself and we’re going world class ad the best class.”

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