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Driverless car inventor William Sachiti for Global Zimbabweans interview

Driverless car by William Sachiti

By Anyway Yotamu

Zimbabwean-born British inventor William Sachiti, is set to talk about the successful maiden official run of his driverless car in the UK, Thursday’s online show; Celebrating Global Zimbabweans with Kim Jayde.

Sachiti’s autonomous vehicle; the Kar-go recently got approved to operate on the streets of the UK and complete it’s first run of contactless deliveries of medical supplies at care homes.

The serial entrepreneur has a number of patients, start-ups, and inventions under his belt. He is expected to share more details about his work on the show. The show is broadcasted every Thursday on Zimcelebs and partnering social media platforms.

Celebrating Global Zimbabweans is an online show produced by CMG International in partnership with WorldRemit and sees the Academy of Robotics founder as the latest high flyer to take centre stage.

“William’s inventions and innovations are solution-driven and worthy of celebrating and publishing on the show. This is a time when we need to amplify success stories more than ever,” said CMG’s Conrad Mwanza.

The Kar-go vehicle is also promoting ‘contactless deliveries’, all the more significant in light of the global pandemic. Sachiti is a serial entrepreneur and a proponent of innovation and artificial intelligence to simplify some pertinent problems in societies.

“What makes Kar-go magical for me is that we applied artificial intelligence and robotics in a useful and good way. The technology is there when it is needed and out of the way when it isn’t,” he said.

“As complex as Kar-go is, its function is very simple. To me that is good and that is an AI-assisted future I would want to live in,” Sachiti was quoted in a recent interview”, he added.

The show’s sponsors WorldRemit also announced a promotion for entrepreneurs which has been running from 2 November and will end on 30 December.

The promotion is open to  customers who make a transaction of £50 or equivalent to Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, or Zimbabwe. A draw will be held and the 100 lucky winners will be given a chance to nominate any entrepreneurs they know in any of the participating countries.

“The lucky entrepreneurs will stand a chance to win a business booster pack including everything they need to launch or grow their business, tablet, external hard drive, and other variables to take them to the next level,” stated WorldRemit in a statement.

The competition can be accessed on

Global Zimbabweans have been celebrating the country’s movers and shakers around the world since its premiere in October and will complete the first season this December.

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