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Crooger releases Shumba Dzinoruma


By Arts correspondent

South African based rapper Nyasha Gurure a.k.a Crooger has laid claim to the king of local hip hop title with a 22 track album titled Shumba Dzinoruma.

Released yesterday, the album features songs such as “Hamutityise”, “Hamundiudzire” and “Pahasha” which clearly indicates that the rapper is marking his territory.

Speaking in an interview, Crooger said his songs are inspired by his life experiences and experiences of other people.

“The song Hamutityise tells a story of someone who has been mistreated for some time and finally gains confidence to stand up and say you don’t scare us anymore,” he said.

The rapper has been making waves with the single ‘Muteuro’ was released earlier this year.

The song, also part of the album has over 24 000 views on YouTube.

“Muteuro has been well received but I hope and expect the other songs to be received better. I believe they are good enough to rock the nation,” said Crooger.

On the album he features big names in local music including Jnr Brown, Briss Mbada, Maskiri, Ti Gonz, Diamond Boys, Nox Guni, Leonard Mapfumo and Cindy Munyavi among others.

Crooger said he invested a lot of time and money working on the album.

“I started working on Shumba Dzinoruma last year. I wanted the best quality I could get so I worked with some of the top artists in Zimbabwe.

“Production wise, it took me close to R50 000 to come with the album and it was worth every cent and energy invested.

“It’s been a long journey but I’m happy with the quality I came up with,” he said.

Crooger worked with renowned producers Oskid, Angeo Pablo and GT Beats among others.

He says the album is a way of expressing his pride in where he came from.

“I am a Shumba Nyamuziwa; I am proud of who I am that’s why in all songs on the album there is a shumba element. I chose to identify with my totem as a way of inspiring young people to be proud of who they are and where they came from,” he said.

Crooger will soon be dropping videos of most of the songs on the album.

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