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Crisis in Zimbabwe Result of Bad Governance, Corruption: MDC

Zimbabwe wants and deserves a robust opposition
Nelson Chamisa (pictured), Zimbabwe's opposition leader joins Crisis Coalition in condemning demolitions
The long-standing crisis in Zimbabwe has been caused by the lack of confidence by our country’s citizens in the current political leadership of the country, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has said.

The biggest opposition party said the crisis is result of the culture of bad governance and what it termed illegitimacy that rose out of a ‘disputed stolen presidential elections results.’

“Indeed, the lack of good governance, legitimate and accountable leadership as evidenced by rigged or stolen elections; State-sanctioned gross human rights violations; rampant corruption; police brutality; arbitrary arrests and persecution of opposition politicians and civil society activists; abductions and forced disappearances; abuse of food aid as a political weapon; suppression of rural communities; cartels or state capture; among other vices that militate against the people of Zimbabwe.


“Zimbabwe is where it is today, largely due to the fact the country is being led by selfish and corrupt leaders who have no popular electoral mandate from the majority of Zimbabwean voters. At the core of the national collapse is a crisis of leadership, a crisis of governance and a crisis of legitimacy. Put simply, we have an illegitimate leadership that will never put first the interests of the long suffering people of Zimbabwe,” the MDC said in a statement.
It added that unless and until the critical issues of political legitimacy and outstanding comprehensive reforms, are fully resolved, Zimbabwe will remain in the doldrums, doomed as a country, without any hope of socio-economic recovery whatsoever.


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Byron Adonis Mutingwende