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COVID-19: Croco Motors donates ambulance


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe, Croco Motors has joined other corporates and individuals around the world who have rallied together to combat the virus by donating an ambulance.

Locally, several corporate giants have stepped up the fight against COVID-19 over the past couple weeks – from businesses such as Chloride Zimbabwe and the Battery Company donating solar batteries to Wilkins and Thorngrove Hospitals to corporates such as African Sun Limited and Rainbow Tourism Group who provided linen, hand towels, and bath mats.

“We have seen our Zimbabwean corporates such as Econet, Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe and Bitumen World take initiative in various ways, each making a significant impact,” said Paida Tabengwa, the Corporate Communication Manager for Croco Motors.

Earlier this week Croco Motors joined the list of corporates lending a hand by donating an Ambulance valued at USD $90 000. The Ambulance will be instrumental as medical teams will be able to more efficiently reach people in emergency situations as quickly as possible in order to transport them to the appropriate healthcare facility for further care.

To ensure effectiveness of the ambulance in this time of COVID-19, the ambulance is equipped with the necessary equipment including oxygen tanks.

The ambulance additionally has 4×4 capability which will ensure that those located in even far to reach areas can be safely transported to medical centres.

The donation comes at a crucial time when COVID-19 cases are sadly on the rise, as the ambulance will significantly help in ensuring that those most desperately needing medical attention are able to be ferried to hospitals.

“As various businesses and organisations play their part through various initiatives it is crucial that each individual play their part whether it is by staying at home and practicing social distancing or serving in our vital essential services industries,” Tabengwa added.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende