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COVID-19 Awareness, Kuwadzana Constituency borehole launch ignites the SDG fever in Harare

Mrs Betty Kaseke (C) hands over a borehole to the Kuwadzana community

As the nation is battling to contain the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting schools, work, and communities while slowing down the pace of the government’s efforts towards a middle-income economy by 2030, the Kuwadzana Constituency in Harare took heed of President Mnangagwa’s clarion call for sustainable development.

The Kuwadzana Development Association handed over a borehole to the community during its COVID-19 awareness campaign in an effort to provide access to clean water and enhance sanitation during the lockdown.

“Combating COVID-19 requires hygiene and cleanliness and these are not possible without water so today we came with a full package of personal protective equipment (PPEs) and water as well,” said Mrs. Betty Nhambu Kaseke who is the patron of the Association.

“We have heard the President and are in the process of giving a positive response. We have been tasked to go back to our constituencies and have dialogue with our members on development as well as spreading information about the pandemic.”

This comes after the President Mnangagwa instructed ZANU (PF) candidates for Parliamentary seats in the 2018 elections to go back to their constituencies and engage in civic dialogue.

“We are following the instructions from the Government on COVID-19. President H.E. Cde ED Mnangagwa urged us to have civic engagement and this event is the start of many to follow. Dialogue allows stakeholder participation since our Government and Party support the idea of devolution, ”

Cde. Nhambu Kaseke emphasized that unity is the key in dealing with COVID-19. The ZANU PF Harare Province Women’s league was equally represented. The Vice Chairwomen for Harare Province Cde Musungwa, Harare province PC Cde Zishiri attended the awareness campaign. They displayed face masks from the Party and thanked His Excellency for the materials which came through the National Secretary for Women’s Affairs Hon Mabel Chinomona, as well as sanitizers which members of the ZANU (PF) Women’s League are making to sell to the community people. The facemask initiative is one program that the Women’s league is using for income generation.

ZANU PF Women’s League displays sanitisers and PPEs in Kuwadzana

Hon Betty Nhambu Kaseke who is also the interim chairwoman said such initiatives will increase domestic income.

“We are all out to achieve sustainable development goals especially placing emphasis on women and women in development. We are focusing on access to education, food, clean water. shelter and not limited to equality and equity in the workplace and at home. The inclusion of women in policy design and implementation will enable sustainable growth,” she added.

The borehole launch in Kuwadzana Constituency is one of the community projects that will assist the community (especially the vulnerable members of the community) during this lockdown. In her closing remarks, the Patron of Kuwadzana Development Association thanked all stakeholders for their efforts and encouraged unity of purpose in all spheres of development.

“Development is multi-dimensional and should never be politicized. We don’t tolerate anything less than what the President is saying. Action speaks louder than words and this is the result. We discourage the use of social media platforms to spread hate speech and spreading false and misleading information. I applaud the New Dispensation for ushering in such activities that will allow devolution to take place. Water and sanitation are important factors in every community and foster community development.”

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