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Courts: ‘She accused me of sleeping with mother’

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By Michael Mashiri

A Harare man has dragged his wife to court for being violent and abusing him verbally.

Collin Machinya appeared before the Harare Civil Court applying for peace order against Pamela Chitsanga whom he said was violent and abusive.

Machinya said the violent nature of his wife began the period he saw things which he believed to have evil powers in their house.

“Your honour she verbally abuse me saying that l would face unspecified consequences,” he said.

“The day l saw charms in our house and asked her what their purpose since l believed the charms were not good is the time her violent nature was unleashed,” he said.

He said his wife went to the extent of accusing him of sleeping with his mother and throwing pots at him.

“She accused me of sleeping with my mother and once threw pots at me,” he said.

However Pamela Chitsanga denied the allegations saying she was not violent neither did she insult him.

“I do not insult him. This man does not take care of his children Your Honour,” she said.

This was however rebutted by Machinya who said when he told her he was no longer interested in her is when she said she was going to use the court to deal with him which made her to come to the maintenance court.

“After l has said l was no longer in love with her, she said, she was going to fix me by bringing me to maintenance court accusing me of not taking care of my children,” said Machinya.

Magistrate Noah Gwatidzo who presided over the issue said with the way things were between the two the applicant wanted to abuse the court as a result he dismissed the case.

“It appears the applicant wants to use the court to dissolve the union which is not the purpose of this court. I find no merit in this application and your problems cannot be solved by this court. Therefore this case is dismissed,” he said.

He also advised the respondent that the ruling did not necessarily mean that she was going to abuse the applicant

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