Countdown to Mapopoma Festival In Victoria Falls begins!

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The countdown to Mapopoma Festival in Victoria Falls has begun with all the heavy hitters having confirmed to rock the anticipated huge crowd comprising local and international visitors.

Hosted by Patrick Musonza (DJ Spevah) and Hweva Mvura (DollarbillThatDj) came up with an affordable alternative, the Mapopoma Festival, which is meant to cater for the town’s locals. Last year festival ran alongside the Vic Falls Carnival.

Starting on December 29, 30 and spilling into the New Year, the festival promises great entertainment for party goers.

Some of the acts set to perform include Exq, Stunner, John Cole, DJ Professor, Snizzle, Jerry Springer, Big Doller Bruce, Merciless, Ras Pompy, Fortress Dee, Afrikas Movement, Valimba Vibe Africa, DJ Cleazer and many more.

To prove that they really mean business, they have also gone for a bigger venue, Chinotimba Stadium, which is located in the area where the greater part of their target audience stays.

Dollarbill That Dj said they created the event in order to promote township tourism.

“After realising the shortcomings of the Vic Falls Carnival, we decided to promote township and local tourism as a fringe to the carnival,” said DollarbillThatDj.

“We are more localised, promoting Zimbabwean art for Zimbabweans and foreigners alike. We want to teach every one about Zimbabwean culture, music, traditions, human connections and ultimately foster the unified spirit of Ubuntu.

He added that with a few days to go, they are still engaging other artistes to make additions to their list.

“We have more of a localised line-up. While we are still engaging other live performers, we are confident in the exciting list of the traditional artists and DJs we already have.

“Our inaugural Mapopoma Festival was awesome and electric. It exceeded our expectations.

“This year, our venue is bigger and is right in the heart of Victoria Falls.”

Tickets for the event are ranging between US$15 and US$65, depending on the package revellers opt for.

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