Councillor Ndava pleads for electrified boreholes


By Abigail Mzimbawakhe (Midlands Correspondent)

Gweru Ward 14 Councillor, Danny Ndava pleaded with the city fathers to construct electrified boreholes for Ward 14 since the available one is not user friendly for people with disabilities.

Ward 14 has only one borehole working at Mkoba 14 Bus Terminus which is sustaining the whole ward. The borehole is so heavy that it cannot be used by the incapacitated individuals in the ward.

In a full council meeting that was held at Gweru City Council offices, the Ward 14 Councillor said that residents are facing a severe water crisis and have resorted to going to the borehole at night because of long queues that will be there in the afternoon.

“I pity people with disabilities and the girl child. I cannot afford to see girls at the borehole at 12 midnight who will be fetching water for domestic use before going to school.

“The situation might lead to their failure in school or they might get raped at night. I wish we could have about two other electrified boreholes in our ward so that villages can be able to fetch water in the afternoon. People with disabilities should fetch the water without any challenges,” said Cllr Ndava.

Councillor Ndava went on to say that people in his ward are even going to far away places like Mkoba 16 to fetch water in unprotected wells.

“Some of the people in my ward are going to far away places to fetch water in unprotected wells which will therefore lead to water borne diseases.

“The old aged will never be able to travel long distances carrying a 20 litre bucket which does not even sustain them even for five hours. Water is life so the city fathers need to help us solve this problem,” he said.

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