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Corruption hindering the attainment of SDGs: MDC-T

Yvonne Musarurwa

In its statement on commemorating the National Youth Day, the MDC-T Youth Assembly noted with concern, corruption prevailing in Zimbabwe and said it hinders the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and urged young people to fight against the vice.

MDC-T Youth Assembly Chairperson, Yvonne Musarurwa said as leaders of tomorrow, the youth ought to work collectively and desist from supporting acts of corruption.

“The youths are leaders of today as stated by President Douglas Mwonzora. It is with this in mind that we stand against alarming levels of corruption in the country. Corruption is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving Sustainable Development Goals. According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, “corruption is criminal, immoral and the ultimate betrayal of public trust.”

In the wake of Covid-19, Musarurwa pointed out that the pandemic was also contributing to the exacerbation of corruption in society, with officials using the situation as an advantage to push their corruptive agendas.

“It is even more damaging in times of crisis as the world is experiencing now with the COVID-19 pandemic. Unscrupulous officials are taking advantage of the virus to siphon funds meant for stopping the virus, impacting our response to the virus. Corruption corrodes the fabric of society and it takes people’s freedoms, health, money, and sometimes their lives. Therefore, the youths should not allow the devil to run away with a holy bible in front of the whole congregation.”

The MDC-Youth Assembly has also noted with concern how these grave times are negatively impacting the wellbeing of the youth and called upon responsible authorities to make concerted efforts in ensuring that challenges encountered with young people from all walks of life are addressed.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in severe negative social and economic impact around the world and in Zimbabwe, with youths being particularly affected. In Zimbabwe, the social, political, and economic integration of youths is an ongoing challenge which needs urgent action from all responsible authorities,” said Musarurwa.

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