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Cleric primes for sanctions removal


By Lovemore Chazingwa in Kadoma

Renowned man of cloth Apostle George Dhliwayo of Great Restoration and Deliverance International Ministry (GRDIM) and president of International Ministers Federation (IMF), has resorted to God, in word and deeds, to prepare for the removal of economic sanctions imposed on the southern  African nation by the United States and her allies, at the turn of the millennium, it has been established.

After two decades under the bus, the sunny nation is failing to move forward, causing impoverishment and de-industrialisation of a nation endowed with vast resources yet, delivering too little.

“We need to conscientise citizens, nations and the authors of the sanctions on the downward effects that sanctions are having on this country.


“As the church community, we are committed to deploy rigorous prayer as  well as action towards the removal of these restrictive measures as our input of paramount importance at this moment in time.


“We’ve come a long, suffering way as a result. If we commit ourselves as a nation in prayer coupled by concerted action, our message has better meaning and acceptance level,” said Apostle Dhliwayo.


“We pray that these measures are removed now so that we operate on a progressive pedestal, 2 Kings 7:1-20.”


The clergyman was speaking at the successfully hosted Development Indaba with respective leadership in the mineral rich and agro-based province. Apostle Dhilwayo went on to say that he wants to use platforms conveniently accessible to the general populace to stimulate all-round efforts for the immediate erosion of so called targeted sanctions on the land locked Republic.


The leading religious voice sounded that it is everybody who is supposed to amplify the strong message to get to drivers of sanctions and realise how they are the wrong prescription for our nation.


“Everybody should play their part as this is a national issue. The young and old must echo sentiments to drive home a powerful anti-sanctions stance. Of course, as the church we can be in the forefront.”


National Business Council of Zimbabwe president and Kadoma Chamber of Commerce Chairperson Mr Langton Mabhanga, who was part of the local organising committee for the event and a leading voice against the punitive sanctions said it is vital to take the message from a religious perspective using platforms that are closer to the people, especially the youth, millennials and women who are mostly hard-hit.


“You need to take those prayers to your facebook and whatsapp platforms that are in-sync with the generation that is following world events in the modern era via tech-apps.


“Since you already have an active prayer-line, that should easily feed into the script, encouraging more and more people to get to the messages especially on sanctions.


The business mogul was in prayer mode: “We need prayer on it for the nation to move forward. It’s not unusual for the church to take a lead in national issues. The National Day of Prayer and Prayer for Peace initiatives are some of the hallmark activities headlined by the church.


As a way of commitment to his word, Apostle Dhliwayo has up his sleeves an initiative, through IMF, a program for Anti-Sanctions Day that like-minded  church denominations across Africa dedicate this day to prayer and fasting for the complete removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe.


Southern African countries put their weight behind Zimbabwe in her quest for restrictive measures to see the exit door.


At a recent SADC summit in Tanzania, the Heads of State and Government declared October 25 this year, Anti-Zimbabwe Sanctions Day with activities to loudmouth the message in respective countries on the day, to help pile pressure on the US and her western allies, to remove sanctions on the southern African economy.


On the anti-sanctions crusade, Apostle Dhliwayo’s  church has more traction due to its geographical sphere of influence. It has branches worldwide and the leader is a highly respected advocate of peace, hope and divine intervention through numerous programs touching lives.



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