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Church proposes solutions out of Zimbabwe’s economic quagmire

By the Zimbabwe Council of Churches

For many Zimbabweans, 2019 has come amidst much hardship and uncertainty. Many wonder whether the current times signify birth pains or death throes. They ask, ‘Are we entering the pearl gates of the New Jerusalem or the catastrophe of Armageddon? This is an important moment for the nation to decide. We can choose the route of engagement or the route of conflict, the route of individual solutions or that of a shared vision, the route that entrenches greed or one that leads to the common good. As the Church of Jesus Christ we serve as a sign of hope by being truthful in looking at the current challenges and their route causes. We also remain committed to proffering solutions which are inclusive, realistic and sustainable. The following are 3 key areas which we must address to avert the possible catastrophe prophesied in Luke 19 verse 44.

1. Address the deficit of trust and restore public confidence

—Many people have a low opinion of the willingness and capability of government and other leaders to resolve pressing challenges due to lack of clarity of communication of the nature of the problems and how they are being addressed. The increased manifestation of selfishness, greed, insecurity, profiteering, rent-seeking behaviour and not prosecution proportional to the rampart cases of corruption

— The Church therefore commits to create a shared space for a collaborative national consensus building process aimed at creating a space of trust in which all Zimbabweans can shape a new national imagination.

2. Forge a renewed sense of shared national vision and social cohesion

  • —  We find that there is a lack of consensus on fundamental issues affecting the nation. We can no longer generate non-partisan solutions to address the many challenges that our people currently face. Underlying tensions pit the rich against the poor, the young against the old, ruling party supporters against opposition party supporters
  • —  It is time for the nation to seek healing and closure from the deep lying hurts and pains
  • —  The Church commits to support inclusive efforts to forge a new national vision3. Advance an economy work for everyone

    — We observe a sense of hopelessness and despondency amongst our people. Many Zimbabweans are suffering. Standards of living are falling as people struggle to obtain the basic goods and services required for dignified lives. There is unrest amongst working Zimbabweans.
    —We therefore call for a broad based consultative process to come up with a national economic vision and a fundamental redistribution of wealth and economic for the benefit of all Zimbabweans

4. Empower the church to remain united and faithful in its witness

— Many Christians find themselves gullible to abuse by religious actors who promise them quick solutions to the current national challenges
—Churches may get fragmented being forced to align themselves to political actors instead of being united in finding lasting solutions to the challenges of the people

—We continue to create platforms for different ecumenical bodies to boldly, truthful and respectfully address the current national challenges.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende