Chitungwiza Municipality to Demolish illegal Structures in Nyatsime

Nyatsime Housing Sheme. Photo credit: The Herald

By Joyce Mukucha

The Municipality of Chitungwiza has enforced an order issued in terms of Section 32 (6) of the Regional Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12) to demolish mushrooming illegal structures, vacate the land and restore the site to its original state by the 23rd of March 2021.

This follows development that is being carried out in contravention of the Regional Town and Country Planning Act(Chapter 29:12) that is illegal occupation and development of stands by unauthorised persons in Nyatsime (Breamer and Longlands).

In a statement, Chitungwiza Municipality Acting Town Clerk, Evangelista Machona said, “Now, therefore, take note that in terms of Section 32, you the Persons and your Associates are hereby ordered to immediately take the following steps:
“1. To Discontinue forthwith any developments, construction works, occupation or any use of the said stands.

“2. Avail all the paperwork in your possession to Council through the Office of the Acting Town Clerk showing that you are in legal occupation of the said stands,” said Machona.

In addition to the paperwork mentioned the Municipality also ordered the associates to avail to Council the following documents; Offer Letter, approved Lease Agreement or Valid Proof of Ownership, valid Service Clearance Certificate, Approved Site Plan, Signed Survey Diagram by Registered Surveyor or General Plan, Approved Valid Building Plan, Copy of Peg Form and Copy of a Stage Form showing that all stages done so far have been inspected by Council.

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