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Channel Resources towards Youths Empowerment Not violence: Youth Against Violence


By Staff Reporter

The Youths Against Violence has condemned violence and called for channelling of the scarce resources towards youth empowerment projects rather than encouraging them to foment civil disobedience in the country.

Briefing the media in Harare on the 9th of January 2019, Youth Against Violence Spokesperson, Taurai Kundiona Gakanje said the planned demonstrations by the opposition parties and their allies cause violence which disturbs national peace and order. He highlighted that there should be no mobilisation of youth for violence but rather there should be inclusive dialogue that engenders peace as well as promotes good labour relations.

The organisation, he said was much worried by rising tension within the body politic, mainly characterised by the threat of demonstrations which are set for anytime beginning this month. To this end,  the organisation is taking steps to ensure that peace is promoted in Zimbabwe.

“We have been made aware that during the month of December 2019, there were a series of meetings by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, MDC, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, National Electoral Reform Agenda, and the Yellow Vest Campaign towards preparations for demonstrations whose signal would be disclosed by MDC leader, Mr Nelson Chamisa on 15 January 2020 during his New Year Agenda Statement. That will disturb the prevailing peace. To the labour fora, we are saying there should be no demonstrations, workers must not be neglected.”

“Let me remind you that during the January 2019 illegal insurrectional demonstrations, 2000 arrests were made, over 50 people were convicted and some lives lost. Business worth a $30 million were destroyed and looted by heavily intoxicated youths. The Government responded with $30 million to re-capacitate the business which comprised large and small scale operators. That money could have been used for some other developmental projects. So we are saying violence should not be allowed in 2020, we say no to demonstrations, no to stay aways and yes to peace, job creation and inclusive dialogue,” he said.

Gakanje also called upon the President to institute further reforms aimed at improving the economy, create employment for the vulnerable youth, increase cash availability in banking halls as well as fuel, tighten the release of maize to millers and monitor the distribution of subsidised goods among other crucial issues so as to improve the living standards of Zimbabweans.

The main objective of his organisation, he pointed out, is aimed at targeting idle youths from across the political divide to volunteer their free time to mobilise fellow youths against being used in retrogressive violence by ‘people harbouring nefarious agendas of pushing the country into chaos for their personal egos.’

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