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Boost for Kadoma Central Constituency water supply


By Lovemore Chazingwa in Kadoma.

The City of Kadoma is set to receive  a consignment of 13 mega water tanks each with a carrying capacity of 5000 litres that were purchased for the city by Kadoma Central Member of the House of Assembly Honourable Muchineripi Chinyanganya, mid this month.

Hon. Chinyanganya told a recent ward 12 parliamentary performance appraisal meeting that the tanks were sourced using part of the funds from Parliament of Zimbabwe allocated constituency development fund (CDF). The mega tanks gobbled ZWL$107 000 from the CDF. Spiked Online Media established that delivery from the Harare supplier awaits logistical finalisation.

“We have purchased 13 mega water tanks for respective wards in this constituency. The priority is on water supply situation to improve as this is of paramount importance in the lives of residents.

“We looked at and deliberated on priority areas with councillors, considering available funds. The agreement was water supply on top priority,” he told the appraisal meeting.

The legislator added he understands and acknowledges that there are ward specific areas which residents need addressed as a matter of urgency, but some of these areas like road rehabilitation ask for a larger monetary quantum as opposed to the available funds.

“As a ward you may have areas that you feel require higher priority. After consultation with councillors, there was consensus that we deliver the tanks first for these 13 wards to, at least access water. Those other areas which need a higher financial vote like roads improvement can be looked at, at the appropriate time, when the funding is there.”

Asked on the development, City of Kadoma Mayor His Worship Alderman Action Nyamukondiwa had this to say: “I heard about that development. It is a welcome move for the city as our residents will have better access to water supply. It is a boost for our water situation here.

“As council, we look forward to receive the said tanks and officially hand them over to the respective wards.”

The Kadoma water situation has been a thorn in the flesh of residents with most parts going without the precious liquid for days on end. Like every other constituency in the country, the city has faced a battery of hurdles trying to deliver the service to residents, but resource constraints are normally pulling back efforts to avail water, which is a basic need in the day to day activities of residents.

However, there have been interventions by citizens themselves to improve their access to the colourless liquid, with some drilling boreholes and others digging wells at their places of residence and commercial premises.

On a positive note, there is an observation by this publication that the pipeline water supply situation has improved in the country’s youngest city in tandem with an upward trajectory on the electricity supply side at Claw Dam, the city’s major water treatment and supply works.

Stakeholders in the field of social and community services have also offered a hand to improve the state of affairs. Some of these are in the mould of government departments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), community based organisations (CBOs) and private voluntary organisations (PVOs).

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