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Blood donation is sacrosanct: Ignite Youth Association

Blood donation campaign

By Clemence Muchedzi

Ignite Youth Association – an organization that motivates youths to have a desire in making a difference in their community, nation, and world at large, has called for affirmative effort among youths to pricelessly invest towards life through blood donation.

The operations director of the organization, Passmore Gezana said the donation is still going on and it is their hope and desire to see every youth donating blood to save lives pricelessly.

Passmore Gezana

“There is an urgent need to add to the blood bank stock which is becoming very low due to lockdown measures. This has reduced the number of donations coming in. We urge youths to solve problems within their societies and country at large by being socially responsible through donating blood. In doing that, we will make sure that no person suffering from blood-related issues loses a life. Blood is important to victims of accidents who lost too much blood. It’s also useful in child-bearing-related issues where mothers lose blood during delivery. It’s also important for children who suffer from anemia. Anyone who needs blood should not be refused an emergency blood transfusion at a healthy institution,” Gezana said.

He said challenges faced by Zimbabwe in a drive to get adequate blood stocks inspired the organization to partner with the National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) and mobilize youths to donate blood.

“Our nation is facing challenges in getting blood at the moment. Due to covid restrictions, blood donations have gone critically very low due to restrictions in movement. Young people in our database have been finding it hard to donate blood.”

He bemoaned the negative perceptions associated with blood donations and described it as a worthwhile investment towards saving lives.

“With National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ) the blood is secure and is well taken care of. There is no single scenario where the blood was diverted for other practices. NBSZ use blood for the sole purpose of saving lives,” Gezana added

The youthful leader said anyone below the age of 65 years can donate blood. He encouraged youths to take the lead since they are energetic and creative and encouraged them to be at the forefront helping to advocate for others to donate blood.

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