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Black Empowerment in Zimbabwe a Done Deal

A woman in agriculture

By General Nat Turner

The government of Zimbabwe cannot continue to empower people when it empowered them already. It is now time for the beneficiaries of land reform ( mines and agriculture resources) to be productive and more productive with the resources they were given.

The total beneficiaries of the agricultural land are 9 000 000 and those from mining land are 1 million. That was serious empowerment that ever happened to any Afrikan country. We need to see these people fully utilising those resources. Production Production Production.

We have got people who during the empowerment time were not yet woken, and such people were protesting for the companies that white people were then deliberately shutting down in retaliation to the government’s brilliant policy on land which was effected in 2000. White monopoly capital dominated then, and so on seeing that Mugabe and his soldiers had given land and mines to Blacks, the manufacturing, banking, and retail industries began to decline in Zimbabwe. Companies shut down. The un-woke people and those misled by the newly formed Labour-based party then (which now is reduced to a law firm) was telling its followers that land reform was the theft of white men’s land. He had property rights from God.

These are people who say they have not been empowered, and they predominantly live in urban areas where the opposition has 28/32 local urban councils which they run, and no development is happening fast enough to re-employ them, restore their pensions, or to compensate for the job losses. Furthermore, children born to them, have no resources of land and mines but they have to depend on employment from the few open industries with reduced capacity to operate effectively and efficiently under the effects of sanctions which they continue to advocate for their continued imposition.

As part of the solutions, the unwoken people’s children should humble themselves, kneel down to leave their pride, and go to work in the farm and mining businesses of the woken. It’s too early to anticipate the growth of industries or the establishment of new ones that will offer employment opportunities to them. Vision 2030 is a process. Ngavanoshanda kumapurazi, employment is there. ZANU PF government gave 605 000 family heads land and 105 000 mine claims to family heads again. This is a total of 710 000 businesses with the potential to employ the entire youths on the voters roll and another 3 million unregistered youths.

We must not think development is getting jobs from white monopoly capital. Zimbabwe is exactly at where God and the Ancestors want it to be. Owning our resources and the means of production. Government has to be heavily focusing on facilitating ( not empowerment, they are already empowered) these 710 thousand businesses to maximise their production. In addition to what is in NDS-1, we need to see Civic Society Organisations, the Churches, and political parties leaders proffering solutions to the challenges being faced by Zimbabwe on how to make the country’s 9 million beneficiaries of land reform unlock the value of the resources they got and how to enjoy economic dividends from that genius policy of Black empowerment so that they create posterity for future generations. Ndopacho panoda strategic thinking.

FBOs and CSOs must be encouraging diaspora and locals to go and partner with farmers and miners. They should be coming up with frameworks of investments that will encourage local partnerships for more productivity. #BringBacktheCapital. The effect, increased GDP per capita, improved living standards, reduced unemployment, economic stability, social cohesion, peace, etc. Transformation of minds is work to be done. The government already empowered people. What remains is to jealously guard those good policies and NEVER reverse them. The people simply have to be productive on land.

Zimbabwe has gone past the phases of political, educational, and democratic freedom. Now we are in the transition to economic freedom and development. It is imperative, therefore, that political leaders teach and direct their people to think in the terms of economic development. Those things like CSOs protests and demonstrations are no longer relevant in the economic development Dispensation. Zvaishanda kudhara and played their part in the achievement of political and democratic freedom. We don’t need more political freedom and democracy now. We already have those things. It has to be all hands on deck to be productive in our 710 000 business and the value chain they create.

Unwoken political leaders are the ones misleading people and crying for so-called empowerment. It’s time to wake up and work, making use of every opportunity to achieve national unity, peace, and stability – key pillars in economic growth and development. It’s not time for politicking, it’s not time for so-called democracy protests. It’s not time for so-called human rights. It’s time to work together to increase our production so that we defeat the enemy of Zimbabwe which is poverty.

Victoria Arceta: Lasima Tushinde Mbilishaka. ( The struggle [ for Economic Freedom and Development] will continue and we are sure to win)

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