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Beauty Essentials to Carry for Your Winter Trip


If you are fond of the cold weather, travelling during winter might be one of the ways to enjoy it. How else will you get to flaunt your cute layered ensemble? This is a great time to bring out all the hoodies, adorable beanies and scarves. Think of all the hot chocolate and coffee you can enjoy!

Travelling is already harsh enough on the skin due to all the changes in the schedule, diet, and environment. Add winter to the mix, and it is a recipe for disaster. The dryness of the skin may lead to cracking and flaking. It might ruin your otherwise perfect travel selfies! Do not fret though; we have compiled an ideal list of beauty essentials to carry for your winter trip. If you pack these along and use them diligently on your trip, you should be able to keep the winter skin problems at bay.


Moisturiser is essential every day, but in winter, it becomes an absolute necessity. You must get a small container of an oil-based moisturiser for your trip. Winters call for an oil-based moisturiser because the layer it forms on your skin protects it from the harsh weather conditions. A useful tip is that you would do well with using a night cream as these are usually oil-based. You might require moisturising more often than usual. Every time your skin feels dry, replenish its moisture with your favourite winter cream. Those suffering from skin conditions like seborrhoeic dermatitis must apply promiseb cream before they leave home. It would help calm inflammation caused by excessive dryness.

Lip Balm

A lip balm to soothe and nourish your lips is a must in your bag in winters. The lip balm must give your skin the dose of moisture it needs. Winter increases the troubles of those who suffer from dry lips even during the warmer months of the year. Keep an extra-moisturising lip balm in your purse all the time, and your lips will thank you. A double-duty product like a tinted lip balm or a moisturising SPF packed lipstick will also give your lips the protection they need, while reducing the number of products you carry.


Dry Shampoo

Winters are the only time when taking showers becomes a task. You also do not need to wash as often as the summer months. Taking showers during your travels when you may not have a blow-dryer at hand makes it a not-so-pleasant idea. Dry shampoo is your answer in this cold situation. Pack this product to get rid of your wet hair woes. Dry shampoo will ensure that your hair looks and feels like it has been freshly washed. It returns the volume, gets rid of the grease and makes your hair smell oh-so-good! This fantastic product will also save you time during your travel rush.



We are all aware that we need sunscreen during the warmer months. But, most of us do not know that sunscreen is as essential even during cold weather. Do not give this essential skincare step a miss on your winter travels. Pack sunscreen to avoid wrinkles, premature ageing and damage caused by UVA rays. It also helps to prevent skin cancer.

The sunscreen you buy should offer broad-spectrum protection because it provides full coverage. You must not ease up on your sunscreen during your winter travels. A sunscreen that moisturises your skin or a moisturiser that provides total sun protection is a win-win situation. It will offer more protection while saving you crucial space and money. The best product is the one that conceals, protects against the sun and moisturises your skin. Such a 3 in 1 product is available in the market and is a boon during travels.

Foot cream

Our feet need love, too, especially during travels when they are the ones that carry us around and suffer the most fatigue. Winters are especially harsh on the feet. If we don’t protect our feet, we could suffer dry, cracked heels. It would be especially troublesome during travels when you need to be out and about. Pack a foot cream that will soften the hard tissues of the feet and heal painful cracks. It should be able to help you against itchiness. It must moisturise and protect the feet well without feeling too sticky and greasy. The best foot cream is the one that gets adequately absorbed into the skin and performs its functions efficiently.

Face Serum

There are special face serums available for cold weather. These are helpful when you don’t want to pack up a whole lot of beauty products and yet want glowing and bright skin. Serums penetrate deep into the skin and deliver active ingredients. Face serums form an essential part of your skincare regimen, and must not be skipped even during travels. Pack a serum that addresses your winter skin concerns.

Under-eye masks

Eyes will show up signs of fatigue more quickly than the rest of the face. The skin around the eyes is delicate and can get more affected by the harsh weather. There are some tremendous under-eye masks available in the market that can help you fake a well-rested look. Pack these compact hydrogel patches into your bag and use them anywhere to soothe your eyes. These will reduce the puffiness and appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Travel is no excuse to let your skincare routine go haywire. Offer your skin all the love and warmth it deserves, and you will enjoy your winter trips even more.

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