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Australia urged to implement judicial reforms

Scales of justice

By Lloyd Fernando

There have been countless serious miscarriages of justice in Australia, and it is of utmost importance to put the Australian legal system in order.


Therefore, I had suggested to the Australian government(s) several times through emails to the effect the following, but there was no apparent manifestation of these solutions, in reality:



(I) Apart from many other measures to be taken against the attempts to rorting the system or commit judicial corruption, the following measure would be significant: the judgment of a judge or a panel of judges must be subjected to remedial measures (for coherency) repeatedly (“backward and forward” between judge(s), the applicants and the respondents) before the final decision can be handed down.


(II) It is a fact that tampering with evidence takes place with impunity. The accused have managed to evade justice or being charged due to their position of trust or the accuser was overwhelmed by the number of witnesses against him/her. I have had firsthand experience with such at least three times. I managed to tackle the 02nd and 03rd incidents with no loopholes by using my secret recordings. Therefore, all interviews and hearings of evidence ought to be recorded independently by all parties, and in the end, all parties must exchange both sealed and opened copies.


(III) The legal profession in Australia is corrupted by biases and high fees as in many parts of the world; one aspect of this corruption is favoring the rich and another aspect is the state of abuse and injustices with impunity – this situation is totally contrary to the Rule of Law (Constitutional). Therefore, the legal profession must be nationalized, and they should be made to work either for wages and or commission, and it must be made to take cases of the individuals, whether it likes it or not. There should be regulatory bodies to ensure it works independently as a part of independent three arms of governance, without bias, and professionally. An Australian legal oppressional qualified in Australia only can work for the Australian legal system; this makes the legal profession to be nationalized quite easily.


(IV)- (P.N: not included some of the previous correspondences): If any country, including the US, has a problem with alcohol or drugs, it must take up the matter directly with consumers as it is the best solution. There are reasons why people take drugs and alcohol: therefore, that reason must be addressed and dealt with. Squashing the source of drugs and alcohol trade is not a good solution as people will resort to more dangerous alternatives such as homebrew [which appears consists not only Ethyl alcohol but other poisonous or more harmful alcohols- it is for this reason distilling tower has many outlets extract different forms of alcohols, sniffing solvents, etc. If governments are interested in tackling drug and alcohol problems, it would target the consumers directly; and then, humane deterrence measures would be taken on those individuals. If the governments into genuinely toppling the drug trade, there are two measures:01st and the best is the forgoing measures I recommended, and 02nd would be the distribution of them by the governments to the addicts freely or at a highly subsided rate with conditions that the consumers would undergo rehabilitation.


(V)-(P.N: not included some of the previous correspondences): Based on the following, a copy of my conversation with a friend of mine from India about my latest post on Indian workers, ICJ (International Court Of Justice) should widely open the allowance with pro-bono assistance for individuals, especially a foreign national of a state, to file actions against that state without having to go through his/her country of citizenship!


[8/5, 5:44 pm] (a fiend): I know. It’s very difficult to explain or understand. It is a democratic country.  Everyone has the freedom to go anywhere. People choose to go outside the country for quick money but others exploit. It is not easy nor quick fix due to a long history.

[8/5, 5:47 pm] Lloyd: You are correct; it is an overpopulated country. However, the Indian government must pursue justice and duty of care for its citizens.

[8/5, 5:49 pm] Lloyd: Through its diplomatic channels and ICJ (International Court of Justice).

[8/5, 5:53 pm] Lloyd: If a state commits a crime or denies justice towards a citizen of another state, the latter could pursue action through ICJ on behalf of its citizen. It’s an unfortunate fact that many governments don’t use this avenue to pursue justice for their citizens.


Therefore, the rules of ICJ must be changed to bypass this obstacle “negligence committed by the States against any, including their citizens”.


All foregoing suggested measures, including those suggested prior to the section ‘Conclusively’ must be implemented to impede corruption; and must be done so without delay.


All the foregoing suggested measures, including those suggested prior to the section ‘Conclusively’ must be implemented to impede corruption; and must be done so without delay.


Australia’s genuine public interest not about racial supremacy, imperialism, dehumanization, concealment of criminal or offensive behavior by law enforcement and those in positions of trust, but the commitment to justice (equality, fairness, honesty, mercy, humanity, and humane approach to problem-solving).


The footsteps of Jesus Christ are the foundation and epicenter of genuine justice (equality, fairness, honesty, mercy, humanity, and a humane approach to problem-solving), socialism, and modern human civilization.


Concerning wisdom, I am no second to any on this planet.


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