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Association urges youths to be benevolent towards the needy

Elliard Kupfuma

By Clemence Muchedzi

The Zimbabwe Youth Charity Association – an organization that deals with humanitarian and social development is calling for affirmative action among youths to uplift the living standards of orphans in the country.

President of the organization Elliard Kupfuma said it’s their desire to surpass the activities and donations they have done so far by helping different youths in different regions.

He also said matters relating to the best interest of children are of paramount importance and youths should adopt measures to help orphans or vulnerable children in order to attain national development.

Kupfuma said within the limits of the resources several mechanisms are being taken to tackle social ills affecting young people.

“We make sure that children are protected from maltreatment, neglect, or any form of abuse. For instance, where there are children being abused in the community, we get the information and then work with our partners’ childline to facilitate help.

“We also give food, clothing even our labour because most of the children’s homes have certain projects generating income like gardening and farming. We mobilize youth to ensure that orphans are helped. As a youth centerd organisation, we capacitate youths to be part of the solutions to the problems faced by the community. It’s about young people giving back to their respective communities,” he said.

In as much as they work to attain sustainable development goals through activities and donations, Kupfuma said the organization encounters obstacles.

“The economic environment we are living in is tough. We recently donated 1000 blankets during our warm winter clothing campaign. As an organization, we wished to reach all parts of the country but due to financial constraints, we are limited.”

Kupfuma urged Childline to improve its policy framework especially when it comes to social welfare.

“The Childline policy framework when it comes to social welfare doesn’t allow a smooth running in terms of helping the abused children in the society. As a registered organization, it will be prudent to just go and investigate and take the child to a place of safety. Due to policymaking by the ministry of social welfare, there are loads of work. Members from social welfare are not even capacitated to tackle the problems. Sometimes they say they don’t have fuel to go and investigate the root cause of matter that pushed the child to be abused.”

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