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Are you eating the right way?


By Rumbidzai Mukori

How many times have we asked ourselves this question or do we simply eat whatever we can find and assume that we are eating well? I also used to base my life around this assumption, that healthy foods are expensive and so I will just eat something, whether it is beneficial for my body or not, is another story. This was my belief and excuse for not eating healthy up until I realized that the foods I ate played a very big role on one’s health. Not only do the foods one eats, increase or decrease your risk of getting Non Communicable diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Gout, Ulcers etc. But it also affects your overall wellbeing and beauty, from facial problems of pimples or acne, dull looking skin, extreme tiredness, feeling bloated and poor concentration, even being unable to manage stress well. These are all signs that you are not eating well, and your body is struggling to keep you at your healthiest.

It is true that eating healthy, is now more of a challenge than before, yet if we are to think back to our grandparents or great grandparents, we will realize that back in the day, they had an even smaller budget than we do and relied largely on what was readily available to them. Yet they had guarantee to eat the freshest and most nutritious meals all year round.

It is true that our dietary habits have changed in some ways, due to many factors, but if we want to be healthy and have good nutrition, the foods and ways to do this, remain the same. Here are some priceless lessons we can learn:

  • Drink more water than any other beverage. Water is one of the best nutrients you can have daily, one that is affordable and easy to access. Not only does water keep you fuller for longer, it also makes sure your body cells, organs and blood flows well.
  • Alternate meat and vegetable protein days, protein from vegetable sources such as beans, lentils, green vegetables with peanut butter, soya chunks etc. This is important as your body needs the specific ‘building blocks’ or amino acids that are found in vegetable proteins which meat does not have.
  • Seasonal foods are what you eat more of, they are definitely more nutritious, cheaper and easily available for you to find. These foods are also preparing your body for the new season; you are entering into to keep your immune system at its optimal. Also different vegetables and fruits have specific nutrients that you may not find in other, which is why having a wide variety and rainbow of these colors is important for you and your family.
  • Add some fermented foods, such as Hodzeko (Sour milk) or homemade fermented drinks (mahewu) these are important to keep your stomach bacteria happy, and digesting the foods, you eat to the best. Taking probiotic food or beverages, one meal or once per week.
  • Pick berries or fruits from home and enjoy as a family, whether its mulberries or gooseberries or strawberries. Berries have a high amount of antioxidants that keep your body less susceptible to cancers and more able to deal with stress.


These are some eating tips, we got from our grandparents and some we can apply even today, to answer the question, “Are you eating the right way?”

Still have some questions and would want more details on how to eat a healthy way for yourself, family and any others.

Feel free to contact Rumbidzai Mukori (Health & Nutrition Coach, Registered Nutritionist)

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