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Apostle Rangarirayi Hungwe donates food hampers to the elderly in Hopley

Apostle Dunamis donates food hampers to the elderly in Hopley

International Power Ministries founder Rangarirayi Hungwe donated food hampers to senior citizens residing in Hopley, Harare South recently.

It was an emotional but celebratory event when the grannies in the highly impoverished settlement received a food hamper each to alleviate them from starvation that is common in the area just as in most impoverished societies.

The food hampers comprised a 5kg mealie –meal, 500 g salt, 2kg rice, and 2 kg sugar.

“I am very grateful for this kind gesture. I have no one else to cater to the welfare of my orphaned grandchildren and myself. I used to rely on vending but it is now very difficult to do our tare these days,” said   70-year-old Gogo Mbatula.

The hampers were worth around US$70. The church’s gesture came from individual savings from the leader according to Hungwe who is affectionately known as Prophet Dunamis.

“We have no donor behind this initiative as these are individual savings from two salaries. Each month we will be providing aid to identified 10 people and all things being equal, we look forward to enhancing our community assistance intervention.

“Our Church originated here in Hopley. There is no way I can turn a blind eye on the plight of the locals, especially when the bible exhorts us to do so,” said the young church leader.

He stressed that the motive behind the gesture was purely Biblical adding that he envisions supporting people to start their own enterprising projects and scaling up the food hampers if resources permit.

Prophet Dunamis ‘s church is spreading its tentacles to areas such as Chegutu, Chinhoyi, Bindura among other areas. It is famous for prophetic deliverance as well as preaching the Word of God.

According to World Bank’s latest economic and social update report, half of Zimbabwe’s population plunged into extreme poverty since 2011 with minors bearing the major brunt.

“The number of extreme poor is expected to remain at 7.9 million in 2021 amid continued elevated prices, and a slow recovery of jobs and wages in the formal and informal sectors,” according to the report.

Hopley is known for vices such as prostitution and child sexual abuse in the midst of grinding poverty.

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